Monday, May 7, 2012

COOLA Mineral Baby Sunscreen Review {Sponsor Highlight}

As much as we love being out in the sun, there are times when too much sun is too much. Baby E would play outside 24/7 if I let her! This is where some natural mineral sunscreen from COOLA will come in handy. It has no preservatives or parabens and it rates a 1 on EWG's Skin Deep Database. I usually don't let any product above a 3 inside my house, so I'm very happy with a 1! 

It comes in a well designed bottle and it even shields from pollutants like smog and dust, bot just the sun! Plankton and organic beeswax naturally boost the SPF protection. A blend of organic Shea Butter, Sesame Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, and Evening Primrose Oils keep the baby's skin soft, protected, and moisturized. I'm mostly happy with the ingredients, although there are a couple I would rather not see there, but overall it is mostly natural and you would be hard pressed to find a sunscreen with absolute 0 synthetic ingredients (mostly added to keep it spreadable and light). Oh, and it is cruelty free as well as sized to comply with TSA regulations for travel. 

The natural baby sunscreen is priced at $36 for a 3 oz bottle. I've got to admit that it is more than I would want to pay for sunscreen, but you get what you pay for in this case - or should I say you pay for what's not there, like really toxic chemicals. It looks like this sunscreen will last us the whole summer for both kids because when I know there will be shade available I do not slather it on all over, I reserve it for playing at the beach or being at the playground for an extended period. Keep in mind that not all COOLA sunscreens have this same EWG rating, so if you're looking for something least toxic, check out COOLA on EWG. You can buy the sunscreen at fine salons, on their website (below), and on Amazon.

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