Thursday, May 17, 2012

Baby T is 6 Months! {photos}

Today, 6 months ago, Baby T was born. It feels like 2 years, not 6 months. Just yesterday I wasn't sure how I would deal with Baby E's attitude when her baby brother was born. Just yesterday the newborn size cloth diapers were too big on him. Just yesterday I was sleep deprived. Okay, still am, but now it is from Baby T teething. Can't wait for that first tooth to come so he can stop being completely miserable!

Big blue eyes that have my heart...

Big baby smiles that brighten up even the worst of days!


  1. He is so cute, how time goes by so fast.

  2. какие глазки ...какой носик...!!!!

  3. Very cute, love the photos! New follower from circle of moms, I look forward to your future posts!

  4. Look at that proud mama and adorable blue eyed boy!

  5. happy 6 months!! what a cutie!

  6. your little is a cutie pie he will get big before you know and then the little devil will come and play


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