Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sibling Love!

Look at these darlings. And I was worried... I didn't know what to expect when Baby E was gifted with Baby T. Like most moms, I had no clue. But I'm loving this whole 'being a parent of more than one' thing. The first month was brutal, true. Now? It's so beautiful! It amazes me! 

Baby T is only 5 months old, but they already play together pretty well - he is a live doll if you know what I mean. Sure, I have to constantly remind her to be gentle (like only every 30 seconds). Yes, I have already found her jumping on him once - almost gave me a heart attack. He survived. He will grow a bit and get back at her!

I love seeing them together. For one thing, it buys me some time - to go to the bathroom (alone!), to wash the dishes in peace, to cook a meal. What I love most is watching them when they aren't aware. How she makes him giggle. How she tells him stories and he listens attentively. How he 'kisses' her (i.e. licks) when she gets close to his face. It's so beautiful that they have each other, from now on, for as long as they are alive. 

I'm sure this is a different dynamic than say several brothers playing together or having a boy as the older sibling. But I'm sure we all have those moments when we are so glad they have each other (and moments we aren't so glad). 

I am even a little jealous of Baby E, I never had a sibling younger than me. I am however thankful for my awesome older sister and the many memories we've made together! 

Do(es) your little one have a sibling, or many? In the works? Sticking to one?


  1. I pretty much grew up as an only child (have a brother ten years older then me), always longed for a sibling closer in age. This was my reason to have my kids only two years apart. They are both girls and already share a bond that is fun to witness, and I love seeing them together. Hope they grow up to be best friends for life.

    1. My sister is 6 years older, so I did often feel like an only child. I love having kids fairly close as well :)

  2. I hear you on that, My 4 year old kisses her 4 month old sister so much that she can't stand her get close to her anymore lol.


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