Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How To Open a Jar Trick

Am I the only one that didn't think of this until about two years ago? I loathe opening glass jars and we go through many - unsweetened organic apple sauce, organic pickles, the occasional pasta sauce. Sometimes I think they are closed so well just to aggravate me! I'm not a very strong person. So then I had this brilliant idea one day to put a rubber band on the lid so that it doesn't slip and gives a good grip. Presto! Opened in a snap! It's a trick that never fails too. Just when I think I can open it without one, I struggle stubbornly for 10.3 minutes and then finally give in to the rubber band. Works.every.time.

Yes, you probably already knew this. The post is for people like me who apparently live under a rock and are still struggling with their jars! ;)


  1. I wish that would work for my canned jars, i sealed them so tight everyone in the family tried to open and no one could.

  2. Thanks for this great, simple idea!


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