Friday, March 30, 2012

[Worst] Day in the Life of Baby E and T

Look at these sweet faces, how can any day with them be called 'worst'?! It does happen, those days when my hair stands on end and everything seems to unravel. Oh, you have those too? You mean you are a real family? Sweet as they are, there are days my patience is tested to its limits. But never for a moment do I regret having children and being their mother, it just reminds me that things will not be always perfectly smooth and that's okay. Our Best Day always makes up for these everything-gone-wrong days. 

This kind of day happens every month or two, but this below is an exaggeration. Everything that could possibly go wrong and sometimes does. This is an 'at-home' day when we do not go anywhere. 


6:30 am Baby T wakes up crying. Way earlier than he should, doesn't want to go back to sleep. Must be teething. Hubby and Baby E still asleep so I leave the bedroom with Baby T. I change a diaper and we head to the 'messy from last night' kitchen for my morning treat - one of my homemade oatmeal raisin cookies. Oh, forgot we're out of cookies!

7:00 am I should still be sleeping, but I head to our home office, place baby in bouncer, pick him up again since he is inconsolable. Try to check work emails, fail. Bounce baby, nurse, he finally calms down a little. 

8:00 am Baby falls asleep in my arms, wakes up the moment I try to put him down. I get as much work done as I can typing with one hand! 

10:30 am Baby E wakes up crying (I see her on baby monitor). We head to the kitchen to eat breakfast without dad, who went to bed way too late. I'm to lazy/tired, get some organic cereal (that we eat once every couple of months). Way too sweet for my taste, I sigh and eat it anyway. Baby T wants me to hold him while I eat, he grabs the bowl and spills the cereal.  

11:30 am I am so ready to nap. It's raining. Baby E doesn't want to nap, of course - she just woke up!  


12:00 pm I look at the full sink, put baby in Ergo and start washing dishes while Baby E plays in living room. I notice it is awfully quiet for too long, walk in on toddler drawing on her blocks/scraping chalk onto the rug/or doing some other thing that adds to my clean up routine.  

12:30 pm Hubby stumbles in, with headache. I make him some toast, we sit down to eat again since I'm always hungry while nursing and I've been up too early. Too cold to go outside. I realize I forgot to defrost the chicken I'm supposed to make hubby to take to work. Baby falls asleep in baby carrier. 

1:30 pm I check email on our laptop in the kitchen. I hear Baby E scream "Mommy I'm peeing!", run into the living room [pull a muscle in my thigh] and of course she is on the rug, puddle and all. Not on the laminate, it always has to be the rug. Spend the next 20 minutes cleaning that. Baby T wakes up. He is okay by himself for all of 5 minutes, then his teething pain kicks in again. Bounce him, walk around [with pain in thigh], teething tablets not helping him today. 

2:30 pm After getting sidetracked, possibly on Pinterest, I realize husband leaves for work in half an hour and I haven't made lunch/dinner. Throw some frozen chicken dumplings into boiling water. Pack dinner.

3:20 pm Kisses all around. Husband leaves for work late. Baby E cries as he drives off. I note she needs to spend some time with him the next day. Baby T is exhausted from pain, falls asleep, I fall asleep, Baby E refuses to nap.     


4:30 pm Baby E and I go to the office, she asks for her favorite Russian cartoons on YouTube. Of course they are only 5 minutes long each. So I work in 5 minute increments and turn a new one on for her what seems like every 5 seconds. Very productive [sarcasm]. Baby T proceeds to wake up every ten minutes. 

5:30 pm Seems like I can't get anything done at all. Discover my worst nightmare, my website is down and I do not know how to fix it. I spend most time nursing and switching cartoons. Bring Baby T up to office, he falls asleep in my arms, I 'work' with one hand. 

7:00 pm "What?" I say to the clock. I realize it's past dinner time. Change a blow out diaper. Listen to Baby E whine, she wants to play, not eat. We go downstairs and I heat up leftover soup. She refuses to eat it. I tell her she has a choice to eat nothing or eat what mama made. I remind her of hungry kids in Africa. She eats. Baby E goes potty while I wash a few dishes. I walk in on her applying my makeup to her lovely face. Foundation on her lips and sparkly eye shadow everywhere. [cue my hair standing on end]

8:00 pm Knowing it is too late to be making cookies I make them anyway. No way I can go another day without cookies. Baby E 'helps', spills flour, licks the spoon. 

9:30 pm I look at the mess and we start cleaning, yes that late.  


10:30 pm I am way too tired, don't even know how I am functioning now. Read a book to Baby E, I tell her "only one story today", she starts crying begging for another. 

11 pm Lights out. Baby E whines for ten minutes while falling asleep. I finally remember I missed an appointment that morning!

1:00 am Hubby comes home from work and I hear every sound. He eats nearly half the cookies I just baked (I discover in the am). 

2:00 - 7:00 am Baby T wakes up to nurse Every.Ten.Minutes. It seems. 

There were worse incidents, which thankfully I cannot recall right now. The spilled cereal? That was today. Oh, and I didn't include the time Baby E painted her hands with ink from a stamp pad - a saturated red one. I walked in on her and thought she had blood on her hands. Even on 'bad' days there is so much I'm thankful for! I have it a lot easier than many. I have a loving family, food on our table, we have jobs, and our kids - for the most part, are bursting with joy! What else would I want? Okay, maybe going to the bathroom alone would be nice...

What does your not-so-great day look like? 

Have you read our [Best] Day?


  1. I can't believe i just read this =) thats was quite detailed

    When you think your days i bad there could be much worser.
    My 4 year old always sneaking and doing something she's not suppose to.
    You need to get couple good movies that your toddler can watch for those days when you need to get something done. I do that once in a while when i need more than 5 minets brake. You might feel guilty about it, but as long as its not a habit its not bad.

    Tip for lunches, its always good to have something pre made in the freezer for those extreme days when you have no time to make something from scratch. I always grab something at TJ pre made for my very picky husband who usually doesn't eat leftovers and gets fresh lunches during work days.

    When my day gets out of control i want to despair for a moment, by the end of the day everything seems to fall on its own place and even looking back i might not acted the way i should of i know today is over and a new days is coming for me to improve =)
    I always think of my parents and patience they had for us, so i need to be strong and not to loose it to raise my kids, because its worth it!

    1. I think having a DVD is a good idea once in a while. Unfortunately our TV in the attic gets so hot when it is on, it raises the temperature and I try to have it off mostly. I usually have a frozen lunch/dinner ready for hectic days once a week or two. Thankfully hubby doesn't mind leftovers! I love being home with kids even on 'those' days when it is tough :)

    2. I have something frozen for hectic days usually once a week or two, thankfully hubby likes leftovers! I think the DVD is a good idea, but I don't like having the TV on in our attic, it gets really hot. :)

  2. If I woke down all the times Baby A gets into things, it would be every 5 minutes, lol He is my 3 year old monster man. But i love him to death...I have never thought to write the day out like that tho, just to see how it looks.

    1. Sometimes it is fun to see it all written out ;) Especially ten years from now I bet!

  3. Oh, the things I have to look forward to! Only a few more weeks until I get to experience the best and worst of parenthood. :)

  4. All mothers have those days. 10am seems like it should be 5 pm so much has happened, but I find that the hard days make the easy ones more appreciated!

  5. Thanks for sharing ... we all have bad days ... It's so good you still choose to see the good in your life!

  6. Thanks for sharing one of your worst days. I've shared some of those incidents with my 4 boys and 1 baby girl and it gets so crazy. Sometimes I wonder if a day can get any worse but I stop because I know it sure can. Mom life just keeps going 24/7 but someday I know that my babies will be grown up and gone, so I try to enjoy what I can of it all.


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