Friday, March 23, 2012

A Plea to all Business Owners {sponsored post}

Has this happened to you? Your still-in-diapers baby just eliminated his breakfast or lunch, you are out doing errands, you come to the public restroom only to find that a) they do not have a place to change a baby or b) the changing station is broken. Ugh! You end up changing your squirmy infant either on the sink counter or balancing him on your lap. You better hope that wasn't a diaper blow out! If you are a business owner, please, please see to that your restroom is baby friendly - we would love to see one of the Koala Care Baby Changing Stations in there. Oh, and please keep the liner refills full so that we have a safe, hygienic place to change our babies! Moms have enough to worry about, and if you are one you will agree. 

This has actually happened to me, of all places - at a Children's Museum! What?! Thankfully my toddler could already stand on her own, so it wasn't that tough. Now with a four month old I would not want to be caught in the same situation. Ah, the joys of being out of your house with little kids! Can you relate? Have you had to change your baby without a changing station? 

Disclaimer: I received payment for this post, I have bills too. I decided to share this information with you because I genuinely thought it may be of value to my awesome readers who may be business owners or decision makers at their place of employment! Got my hint?


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