Thursday, March 22, 2012

American Tuna Review & Giveaway: Sustainable Seafood

As a mom that has been either pregnant or nursing non-stop for the past four years, I take my seafood intake seriously because I do not want high mercury content affecting my tiny babies. Often that just means eating less seafood, which is too bad because it is so good for you and growing children! Fresh wild fish can also be way out of our price range.  Farm raised is a no no, there are way too many problems with that to list. I am thankful to have found American Tuna and that they let us try their fabulous product, they sent us two cans each of no salt and salt added tuna.  

How is this tuna different form the typical one at the grocery store? Well, for one thing it is wild, not farm raised - no added chemicals/growth hormones, etc. It is small albacore, that is low mercury tuna. This is tuna hook and line caught in northern Pacific waters when the tuna is just 2 to 5 years old, thus not having accumulated as much mercury as older tuna that lives to be as old as 40 years. More to love:

There are so many delicious ways to eat tuna! In the photo above I mixed one can of no-salt added American Tuna with three tablespoons organic mayonnaise and half a can of olives chopped up, smother on fresh tomatoes and serve as a side or appetizer. Delicious, definitely a winner in our house! I served it with some fresh organic home fries I made and it was a well-rounded comfort meal. Super tasty! 

So if you're looking for sustainable seafood, look no further than American Tuna. It is available at you local Whole Foods, directly from the company, and on Amazon. It isn't cheap at about $5 to $6 a can, but again, this is not synthetically raised fish with fillers and there is way more tuna in a can than you may be used to. It is a large, solid piece, not flakes that don't resemble fish. 

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  1. I thought about that too, interesting post. How many silver fillings you have if any, i have quite a bit and for me avoiding mercury is not possible until i get them all out which is costly.

    1. Ouch, that can't be good. Fortunately I have no silver fillings, but hubby does have a few. Whenever something ails him we jokingly blame it on Chernobyl or his fillings ;)


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