Friday, February 24, 2012

Pediped Originals Review

Little feet, tiny shoes, what can be cuter? Three month old baby T is growing so fast, he'll be crawling and then tip-toeing before you know it. That's when it really matters to have soft soled baby shoes so that their feet develop properly. This is his first ever pair of shoes, probably the ones he'll be learning to walk in (unless he gets too chubby on my breast milk). You can't tell in the photo, but they are actually really big on him, these are Blue Originals Jones in 6-12 months size.

We've never had a pair of Originals before, this is our first (though we still have our girl's Grip 'n' Go Mary Janes that she wore non-stop and recently grew out of). But I have seen the sole on the older ones, this one is a nice improvement with the diamond pattern on the leather giving the baby more grip. I love that the sole is real leather. These shoes are priced at $33, but as I've mentioned before, you're better off having one pair of shoes for the little one that let their feet develop properly, than several cheap shoes with rigid soles that will cause health problems. Sign up today on www.pediped.com to become a pediped Insider to be the first to know on special promotions, new product introductions and more.

Pediped's new spring/summer collection is quite impressive, with 75 new style and color combinations. So if you have a little girl, it means you'll find something to match her discerning taste in shoes. They have something for everyone, from newborn to about 8 years old. I have a ton of favorites, I think the Flex Amazon sandal in Pool would be a hit with my three year old baby E. Of course a hit with me too because they are machine washable! Looks like a perfect shoe for the sort of things she likes to do, like run at the beach, climb hills, pick sticks and stones, and everything to do with water. 

Here is our Pediped baby cooing and looking all cute...

If only these shoes weren't so expensive, I would probably get a pair or two of new shoes for baby E. I love that the Flex line can grow with the toddler (not the sandals though), with a removable insole, that's a must when their feet grow so fast. That way you can get a year out of them, instead of just a couple of seasons. They are great to pass on to siblings too, after an entire year of wear, my toddler's shoes still look like new!

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