Friday, October 1, 2010

Pediped Giselle Shoes Review

These pediped Grip 'n' Go Giselle shoes sent to us to try have been getting rave reviews! Not just from my daughter and grandma, from complete strangers and not just moms. Some guy walking by even noticed them and said "Cute shoes"! Though I have to admit few people pass by my little munchkin without noticing her! Baby E loves wearing these and sometimes asks to wear them at home too. It was love at first sight.

Quality & Design: These shoes are high quality and though it isn't recommended, I think they'll be passed on and worn by more than one child around here. I love the design, these are so cute! They make any outfit complete. I certainly appreciate the sole that extends to the front of the shoe and prevents scuff marks at the toes.

Fit & Comfort: These look extremely comfortable, and while I can't try them on, my daughter always asks for these shoes - I'm guessing she's comfy in them. Unlike most baby shoes, these have arch support. I love the flexible rubber sole, I wish I had that on my shoes. This is what we really love about pediped's new Grip 'n' Go collection, it is perfect for those toddlers who are already walking, but still need a lot of flexibility in the sole. They are very easy on and off, 20 month baby E can almost put them on herself. I appreciate the soft cushion at the heel as well.

Company: pediped offers shoes for all your kids: the Original pedipeds for infants, Grip 'n' Go for toddlers, and Flex for children. They even have a line of machine washable shoes and shoes with Memory Foam Technology! pediped was founded by Angela and Brian Edgeworth, parents who couldn't find healthy footwear for their child. They have also recently launched a hip new baby shopping website called Kinderbliss.

Value: pediped Giselle shoes are priced at $45 a pair. Yes, for a pair of children's shoes that will only be worn a couple of seasons, that seems like a hefty price. But what are you getting? Absolutely the best for healthy foot development. That means less chances of foot and back problems for your child later in life. I know pediped doesn't recommend this, but let's face it, these are too nice and too expensive to throw out after just one child wearing them (not to mention wasteful). Millions of children around the world don't even have a pair of shoes, so I'm not about to dispose of a gently worn pair just because it is molded to my daughter's foot. I usually get shoes the next size up, that way they fit her comfortably for a whole year. Mary Janes like these are versatile, they can be worn through spring, summer, fall, and indoors in the winter. Plus the Flex line has a removable insole which you can use to adjust size for longer wear.

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