Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pourty Potty Review & Giveaway

Living in a three story town home is not always fun with a toddler in potty training phase. Actually we're officially completely diaper free as of two weeks ago. We have been using the Pourty potty for one month and we love it! Why do the Europeans come up with all the most practical products? Designed in the U.K. and surprisingly even made in England, not China. How's that for a shocker?

Best of all of course is that my toddler loved it right out of the box. She literally sat on it the moment I took it out (with her clothes on). She exclaimed "Kakoy klasniy gorshochek!", which in Russian means "What a cool potty!" I'm glad she loves it, but I think I love it even more! The design makes emptying the Pourty so much easier. I am starting to avoid our other potty, which works fine - but it is so much more of a hassle to get clean. We keep one on the first floor and one on the second where we sleep (where our toilet is out of order). 

We couldn't quite get baby E fully potty trained primarily because at three years old she is too short and tiny to get herself on the toilet fast enough. We would keep the potty training toilet seat on the toilet downstairs and her old potty on the second floor. The Pourty did the trick because it obviously makes it so much easier for her to go without needing my help no matter what floor she is on. It is also very comfortable according to my toddler, she prefers this one over her old potty. There is another hidden benefit of this 'easy to pour out' design, that is that the tailbone is relieved of the pressure from sitting on the potty because of the cutout in the back. Some ergonomic office chairs are designed the same way. I also like that it is made of a sturdy plastic that doesn't bend. I appreciate the neutral white color that it comes in, it looks unobtrusive in our bathroom. The blue, pink, and also purple (not shown) are great for a kids bathroom if you want a splash of color (or if your princess insists on everything pink). 

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