Saturday, September 3, 2011

Design a Green Baby Nursery

Moms anticipating the arrival of their new babies are often consumed with creating the perfect little nursery to bring their new babies into. Colors, accessories, furniture, toys... In the midst of all your ideas, don't forget the most important things - your baby's health and well being. With toxic materials surrounding us, we simply must look out for our little ones and take into consideration what we put in their rooms and whether they even need a room of their own from birth. For tips and ideas (from our perspective as an Interior Designer) check out our article at Today's Mama:

Photo: Levi Gruber


  1. My daughter still doesn't have her own room and she is 11 months.

  2. We picked a crib made from real wood and a soybean foam mattress instead of a regular mattress. We also are making sure that she has organic cotton & bamboo clothing next to her skin instead of the regular chemically laden outfits.

  3. When I was preparing my little guys room I didn't really think too much of having "safe" chemical free things. I did think a little, but not much. It was once he was in my arms that I made the realization that a lot of things weren't as safe as they may seem. Luckily an organic crib mattress was one of the items I did think about, but only because I stumbled along an article highlighting all the chemicals in a regular mattress!!!! It is amazing what you might think is sake because it is sold in Canada but really it isn't

  4. This is a great article with many practical tips. Thanks! We weren't able to keep our son's room as non-toxic as I'd like (he sleeps on a regular mattress), but we've done what we can to limit his exposure to chemicals.


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