Monday, June 20, 2011

PSG: Juice Beauty Review

Natural skin care with great results can go hand in hand. Pregnancy is a great time to rethink your beauty routine if you haven't done so already. Organic beauty products are becoming more mainstream and among them I have discovered the Juice Beauty brand. The two reasons I really wanted to try their products are the rave reviews I've been reading and the natural ingredients I saw listed in their products online.

The only thing that was remotely disappointing was that the ingredients on the box were more detailed than online. It wasn't completely misleading, but regardless the ingredients are superior to most products sold in stores. I wanted to try and see how my skin will do with these high performance natural products.
I first tried the Stem Cellular Repair Eye Treatment. I always had under-eye circles, though not insanely visible - at least they are to me! I guess I am my biggest critic. In the summer when I get a tan they don't bother me as much, but in the spring and winter I end up dabbing a little concealer under the eyes when I am out of the house. I really was hoping this would work and guess what - it did! No drastic changes and maybe I am the only one that noticed, but I am looking forward to what this can do when I use it for longer than a month. But even in this short time I can see a difference.

I also tried the Soothing Serum on my usually red cheeks and overall T area of my face. I know that it is mostly a diet thing, I already have established that when I eat no gluten or dairy I don't get the red face at all. But since I can't adjust to such a strict diet right now, I wanted to see if this would help calm it down. It is hard to tell how it works since some days I eat less dairy and gluten, other days - more. It is pleasant to use, it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, and it did help a little bit. I did not use it a whole lot, so I'm sure it would help even more if I used it more often (not easy sticking to a beauty routine with a toddler).

The last product I had the opportunity to review is the Blemish Clearing Serum. I had plans to use my husband as a guinea pig since he has issues with blemishes more often than I. Well, that didn't fly, he wasn't enthusiastic. So I tried it on one of my occasional blemishes and it worked great. It was as if the blemish reverted, it never got past the stage that it was in - it just slowly disappeared. Definitely great to have on hand and even better if you are prone to blemishes. I'm probably going to give it to my little sister-in-law who has had issues with acne all through high school, she's off to college and I'm sure she would love to try something that has worked for many people.

Juice Beauty is definitely a brand worth noticing among organic skin care lines. While they may have an ingredient or two that are not up to par because of my extreme finickiness with products that call themselves 'natural' or 'organic', they are still one of the best when it comes to Skin Deep ratings and their non-toxicness. I would love to see all of their current products updated into the Skin Deep database. Not to mention that they actually work! Juice Beauty is something I'll return to even though it is a little bit out of my price range - I think it is worth the expense.

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