Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Birth choices and education

(That's the size of our baby right now!)

Many questions are on the mind of an expectant mom. Especially if you question what is 'normal' and try to find your own way around information and misinformation that surrounds us.

I was never the normal one, the nurse midwives looked at me wide eyed as I worked through contractions and childbirth without drugs at the hospital with our first baby. With this one I am so excited about having chosen a midwife (instead of an OB) at a small birth center that (Hallelujah!) takes my insurance. Hearing "We are here to help you do what you want for childbirth" from the person who will be attending the birth is so... odd. Though it shouldn't be.

As I live through this pregnancy I will bring you insightful, off-the beaten-path information that you may want to know, may not be aware of, or were always curious to find out. In the course of the next six months we will be bringing you articles on these pregnancy and childbirth topics that I hope many moms will find helpful. These will not be Wiki type articles of dry info. We want to bring the best research, studies, and unique perspectives.

Birth Location Options
Pregnancy Care Options
Water Birth
Birth and Music
Breathing Instead of Pushing
...and more


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