Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Tribute to Mothering

You were there for me when I held my first born in my arms.

You encouraged me, educated me, inspired me. While I simply followed my instincts as a new mother, you constantly reassured me with actual proof that what I was doing was right and valid.

You connected me with so many mothers that share my beliefs.

You opened my eyes to possibilities. You gave me the tools to prove my case. You eloquently expressed the random things that flow through my messy mind.

You showed me foods that nourish, medicine that heals, and thoughts that revive.

My memories of you are positive through and through. You are like a close friend that I can chat with without inhibitions. You never judge me.

You made me laugh, smile, and cry with every new cover. You showed me what was worth spending my time on.

I am sad to see you go, that much awaited mail box find that was immediately devoured cover to cover. Every time.

(Mothering magazine was discontinued from print and digital publication this spring of 2011. The incredibly useful Mothering website thankfully remains!)


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