Saturday, October 23, 2010

VO Knits Wool Ear Flap Hat Review

I love winter, snow, and sledding. This coming winter I have the extreme pleasure of enjoying it with my toddler. My mission has been to equip her (and myself) with the toastiest winter gear so that we can stay outside longer. In the summer we spend at least two hours outside each day, in the winter I'm hoping to at least get an hour of fresh air. Veronica at VO Knits has been generous to make a Noro Kureyon Wool Ear Flap Hat just for us!

Quality & Value: If you want quality, look no further than VO Knits. I think at some point a few years ago I had this crazy notion that handmade items aren't as well made as manufactured ones. Well, if I made them, perhaps. But I find that nearly all handmade items I recently come across are much higher quality than anything you'll find at a big box store. Not to mention they're made with love! Perhaps at $48 it will be the most expensive hat you have, but you'll never throw it out and it is made especially for you!

How is this green: Buying handmade and local is one of the 'greenest' things you can do. It isn't easy to find these items, but Etsy makes it possible. If you're on the west coast, VO Knits is quite local for you, but even throughout the rest of the United States. In addition to that, wool is a great natural, renewable material that has some amazing properties such as being naturally fire retardant, breathable, water repellent, and dirt resistant.

Fit & Design: The hat is a tad big on baby E, but that's great for us because she'll be able to wear it for several years. It almost fits me, so I'm guessing it will still fit her when she'll be 10 years old. I love that it covers her whole head and ears to protect her from the elements. The cute buttons add some character to the hat. Finally, it is fun but classy and great for adults, not just kids! The only issue we have is that it's a little bit itchy, unlike most merino wool. That can be easily solved though with some soaking in hair conditioner! I think now that Veronica has experience with making a hat for a toddler, perhaps she'll even soften it for you. :)

About the Company: A one-woman, one-mom company, that's exactly what we like to support. Veronica is a creative mother who loves to knit and is really good at it, she makes me wish I was too!

Who Would You Recommend this to? I recommend this hat to anyone who likes to stay toasty warm in the winter, child or adult.

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