Monday, August 30, 2010

A Glimpse into Eco-Babyz Series

Starting this September we're taking all of you backstage here at Eco-Babyz! You've read a lot about what we believe, what we research, what we think parents should do. Now it's time to unveil the curtain and tell it like it is. What does baby E eat for breakfast? What's our day like? What activities do we enjoy? What do we buy at grocery shopping? What are our struggles? What are our triumphs? How do we implement green living ideas into actual day to day living? Our favorite cloth diapers? What do I wish I knew before becoming a mother?

When we're at the playground and I witness children doing or saying something commendable, I sometimes wonder what that mother does to instill that behavior in her kids. As parents we all secretly want to know what the other parent does on a daily basis with his or her kids. After more than 18 months of blogging and parenting, I think it's time to pull up a chair and get a little closer. We'll take you on a backstage tour in hopes of getting to know each other better! Don't be afraid to comment and ask questions, we love your feedback! If you have suggestions for posts or anything you would like to know about our life here at Eco-Babyz, don't hesitate!

PS: While we admire bloggers who post regular series articles, it just wouldn't work with us. We will do our best to provide regular content, but as you might have figured out already - I'm just not that type of blogger or parent. Our family dynamics are spontaneous and unpredictable! Come along for the ride...


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