Monday, June 28, 2010

Deep blue...

Can it be true you lived inside me for nine months? I've waited long to see your deep blue eyes.

And now each morning when I wake, they stare at me. Playfully.

Your thoughtful gaze trails through all my dreams, my hopes, my faith.

I never knew one day, just one, could change all that I was. You couldn't speak but your loud cry erased the dulling pain.

Each day my life revolves around your two deep blue seas, they ask and plead, they laugh and smile, they test my faith and hope...

Each drowning moment in the deep blue - grows even deeper my love for you...


  1. Amazing, nohing else to add

  2. wait, did you make that poem up?? if you did, wow you have a talent, Glory to God. If you didnt, thats plagiarism because you did not site the source (haha) lol jk... I love the poem and your little girl is an angel.

  3. I did write it myself :)
    I actually used to write poetry for a couple of years, but only in Russian, never wrote in English. This one is meant to be prose, not poetry, but I don't know, maybe it is to some?


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