Thursday, December 17, 2009

Walkabye Terrani Review

When I was looking for a stroller for my baby a year ago I thought to myself "Why would anybody spend $800 or even $500 on a stroller !?!" I still think that is a lot to spend on a stroller, but after testing out the Terrani buggy that Walkabye sent us I can finally understand why. For all the same reasons people buy a BMW instead of a Hyundai or Honda.

We took it out of the box and even before we had it all assembled I kept saying "wow" as I looked at each component. The quality is truly amazing and I imagine would last through however many kids anyone would ever dream to have! Here is our experience and what we think about it. You can start with the video, it will give you a good idea of its features and what it looks like.

COMPANY: Walkabye strollers are designed and made in Europe. They are now available in the United States through the distribution center near Chicago (online purchases) and will be available in boutiques nationwide in the near future.

STYLE & DESIGN: The Walkabye Terrani is the first stroller I have found that comes with this many color and pattern options. I have counted 21 different combinations! That's right, you heard me. The design and the look of this stroller is of course high end and luxurious. The chassis itself is very well engineered, more like a car than your average stroller. It has a distinct stylish look and if I saw a mom walking with it down the street it is unlikely I would know what kind of stroller it is, it would keep me guessing. It even comes with a matching diaper bag and changing pad. I love how the diaper bag conveniently snaps onto the stroller handle and you can use the huge basket underneath for all you shopping among other things. The canopy is ample and very sturdy, plus it has an extra storage pocket in the back for your wallet, keys, and phone.

EASE OF USE: The Walkabye Terrani is pretty easy to assemble. All you do is snap on the wheels to the frame and attach either the bassinet or the seat. Either one of them snap into the frame easily, but if you want to attach the toddler seat permanently you do need to screw in the sides at the top of the seat. A piece of cake really. Then you can attach optional accessories (included with the stroller) such as the belly bar, foot muff, or rain cover. Folding is quick but requires two hands. The front wheels have a quick release button, once they are off you just pull on two levers on either side and fold the frame with the toddler seat.

The weight of the stroller with the toddler seat at 32 lbs is attributed to its high quality because it doesn't have many plastic parts. The footrest is made of metal and can handle some major kicking and abuse (shouldn't all footrests be able to do that?). The fold is not the hardest I have seen, but you do need to snap the front wheels off to fold it. It is really easy but would be a concern if you get dirty wheels. Because of the weight and the fold I would not recommend it as a travel stroller or if you live in an apartment building without an elevator. Otherwise it is great if you have your own home, a townhouse style apartment (like I do), a first floor garden style apartment, or an urban apartment with an elevator.

Aside from quality, my favorite thing is the way this stroller handles. It really is like a BMW! You can steer it with one finger. The ride is amazingly smooth for your little one and it can handle virtually any terrain. You can see the suspension working at every bump big or small.

QUALITY & VALUE: This European stroller has amazing quality engineered right into it. You'll notice this right away just the way I did upon opening the package. It is very sturdy and thoughtfully designed. At a price tag of $599 you are getting a great deal because it will last you through all your kids. You know how some upscale strollers in the same price range have all the accessories sold separately? Well, none of that with the Terrani. For this price you get the stroller with toddler seat, infant bassinet with apron and padded mattress, foot muff, belly bar, rain cover, diaper bag, and changing pad. If you don't need the bassinet just subtract $130. Don't worry, the shipping is free!

COMFORT: Again, as luxurious as it gets. The seat is wide and large enough for comfortable napping. The toddler seat has three recline positions and I love the design of the zipper recline. The bassinet is even more comfy for a baby under 6 months. It is comfortable for the parent as well with 'push of a pinky' steering and an adjustable handle bar that will not jam. As for storage, I'll compare it to a BMW X5. You get the huge basket, a pocket on the back of the canopy, and the diaper bag that easily attaches to the handle.

I am very impressed with the Walkabye Terrani in all aspects. It has the maneuverability for the parent, comfort for the child, and style to please anyone!


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  1. The detachable bassinet is a really great feature of this stroller. You will find it handy in so many situations where you would not want to haul the entire stroller. Theb bassinet is a perfect nap time location when you are out and about. This stroller looks like a winner!


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