Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Eco-Babyz is 1 Year Old!

Wow, one year. How time flies. It is the year I started blogging and became a mother. The latter of course being infinitely more important. I have learned so much in this one year, perhaps more than in my entire lifetime. I want to share my reflection of this one year of blogging with my readers.

It all started with a passion to share my journey of Eco-parenting. With this little human growing in me suddenly all priorities changed and I had to share all my findings and experience with someone. Hence I stumbled on the world of blogging, with its unfathomable depths. I madly typed away all of January, just a month before our due date. Blogging quickly became all about the writing.

From the beginning my goal was great content. That is what Eco-Babyz was, is, and will be. Sure I like to do some reviews and giveaways once in a while, especially since I can't afford to buy anything for my baby at the moment. But our blog always will be about the issues that concern moms most. It is about eating healthy and buying healthy. It is about safe toys and products for babies. It is about all the things that you have control over to limit your family's exposure to toxins and chemicals. It is about legislation to make this world a better place for every child. It is about empowering you, the parent, to make the right decisions on behalf of your children.

Thank you for being with Eco-Babyz on this journey and please share your thoughts and feedback with us so that we can bring you more of what you want!


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