Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hooray for International Babywearing Week!

My husband with our daughter at Smolak Farms

I know, the week is almost over. Nevertheless, if you have not yet experienced the joys and comforts of babywearing, start now! No, contrary to common belief, back pain does not have to be one of the joys. I can comfortably wear my baby for 1+ hours without any pain in our Ergo carrier. Babywearing is a tradition many centuries old and spans various cultures and countries around the globe. I enjoy babywearing because:
It calms a fussy baby and frees my hands to get things done

It is truly a life saver for a baby who is sick and wants to be held...non...stop

Works great for stroller-phobic places like rugged trails or ramp-less cities

The only way our baby will fall asleep with daddy and give mommy some time to work
I know attachment parenting proponents will agree that babywearing is beneficial to the emotional well being of the child as well. Studies show that attachment parenting does not 'spoil' a baby, but indeed makes for more secure and independent adolescents and adults. Yes, it might take 5 years for you to see the results, but as far I understand - it is worth it. From personal experience I can tell you that babywearing has given my baby and I nothing but closeness, understanding, and peace.


  1. You may like the BabyBjorn promotion in Boston giving away baby carriers and other baby products, plus movie tickets to Motherhood with Uma Thurman: http://www.bostonfamilylife.com/2009/09/boston-babybjornmotherhood-promotion.html
    By the way I added your button to my blog!

  2. I wore all four of my children. I can't tell you how sad I feel everytime I see a baby carried in their car seat, never feeling the motion of a human when they are walking. This motion is teaching their little bodies so much, how does this get missed when new parents are deciding how to carry around their little ones. Yesterday I saw a father with the front pack and baby in tote. What a relief and joy.


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