Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Wave Enviro: Ditch the Plastic

In the world of reusable water bottles most are familiar with big names like Sigg and Kleen Kanteen. But there are many companies out there that offer similar, if not identical, alternatives that will not break the bank. New Wave Enviro has quite a few products on the market and thanks to their generosity I gave the 1 liter stainless steel water bottle a test drive.

First, I'll emphasize that in my opinion, stainless steel is better for your health than aluminum. Aluminum bottles often have a plastic lining, and if they don't you are getting extra exposure to aluminum that is already present in our bodies above safe levels due to contamination in the environment and vaccines. There is actually a hypothesis that accumulated aluminum in the brain might cause Alzheimer's. Stainless steel gives you peace of mind and looks great. So on to the bottle!

VALUE: This bottle is comparable to the Kleen Kanteen, but it will only cost you about $13 for this size. Really a great deal if you don't want to spend too much on a water bottle but still want an alternative to plastic.

DURABILITY: Stainless steel is not as easily dented as aluminum. It is made of #304 food grade stainless steel, so it is quite light for a bottle this size but at the same time considerably durable. If you drop it on asphalt or concrete of course it might dent (I haven't tried ;)

QUALITY: The bottle itself is great quality and appears to be very well made. The design of the cap is great because the piece you put in your mouth has a cover so it doesn't get dirty, but It is really hard to open the sport cap. It is easier for me to just unscrew the entire cap and drink right out of the bottle. At the same time that is a positive thing because there are no leaks! If you've used sport cap before you'll know that is important. The cap does have a rubber sealer so that the water does not leak out the bottom of the cap also.

DESIGN: What I like about this bottle is that despite being a large 1 liter, it still fits into standard cup holders. At least it does in our Honda Accord and the Kolcraft Contours stroller. It comes in three colors and you can choose either a sport cap or stainless steel loop cap if you want no plastic touching your liquids at all (it is sold separately). There is also the option of an insulated tote that comes in various colors. Note that this bottle will not fit in a bike water bottle cage, for that purpose you should check out their 12 oz and .6 Liter bottles.

TASTE: Many Eco-conscious consumers are concerned about the taste of the water when using aluminum or stainless steel. I have found this to be a non-issue with New Wave Enviro. I did not notice any metallic taste, neither did my husband. It was actually a very pleasant contrast to the typical taste of water from a plastic bottle, especially if left in the car and slightly warm. The weather was in the upper 80s this weekend on our trip to the Berkshires and this bottle actually kept the water cool with no ice. Not cold but cool enough to be refreshing and thirst quenching in the heat despite not being insulated (I did not have the optional tote).

EcoMama Green Factor: +5 If you are at all health conscious and concerned about the environment, ditch your plastic bottle(s) and give this one a try! This company was green before it went mainstream.

Check out this review on Lunch.com!


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