Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lunch.com: A Place to Share Your Experience

We all have varying experiences as parents. We have all tried so many products and methods, things that work for one mom and not for another. I don't know about you, but when I found out I was pregnant I would spend hours reading other parents' reviews on everything from car seats to strollers. Recently I found a great place to share and get advice on parenting products - Lunch.com. Of course first I found them because I needed a part-time job where I could work from home, hence I became an Ambassador for them. Over the next weeks I grew to really enjoy the community there and the various moms and dads I met. I never really spent much time on my blog devoted to product reviews, but now I review all my parenting must haves and not-so-must haves on Lunch.

I've found that it is unlike many other reviewing sites, it tends to be more personal. There are no anonymous reviews and you can always contact the person who wrote the review with comments and questions. The fun thing is that you can meet people who share your interests through your own customized Similarity Network. Based on what you like and rate you will be able to find other things of interest through the people in your Similarity Network. The site is still in beta, there are ongoing improvements and new releases coming out one after another

This is a great place to share whether you love or loathe that stroller, crib, bassinet, baby food, toy, or other parenting gadget. Of course Lunch is not just for parents, you will find anything there from books, movies, and music to world cuisines, wines, technology and gadgets. You can review any website there, or even an idea, a recipe, a sport, a holiday, or your President. So the possibilities are endless, the people are friendly, and it is a great place to feed your curiosity!

Check out my parenting reviews at Lunch by EcoMama!


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