Saturday, January 24, 2009

Baby Registry Tips

1. Start Early: You will be more relaxed and make wiser decisions if you have a lot of time to plan, something that you thought was essential a month ago might be completely unnecessary when you think it over and 'sleep on it'. Give yourself time to change your mind - a lot. That way you don't end up with things you don't need.

2. Avoid the Urge to Be Gender Specific: If you know the gender of the baby, avoid going all pink or all blue, especially with gear that is pricey and can be used for subsequent children of other genders. Get some clothing that is yellow, green, orange, or white; you can stick to neutral for bedding and instead accessorize with a few things that are gender specific if you really want. Although ultra sounds are great at predicting the gender, it is also never 100%!

3. Ask Around for Used Items: If you are on a budget, ask around your friends and family with kids if they have anything that they no longer need but you could use. This especially applies to clothing, your newborn could care less what he/she is wearing and you will be amazed how fast they will grow out of the outfits. Clothes can really add up, so instead of registering for it you maximize the chances of getting things you need more at the baby shower. You can also borrow cribs, changing tables, high chairs, bouncy chairs, and swings, just make sure to check for recalls on those items. You can even borrow a car seat from a close friend/relative as long as you can trust them 100% that it has never been in an accident and that it is a current model that still adheres to all safety guidelines.

4. Prioritize: If your baby shower guest list is 20 people and you register for 150 items, what do you think your odds are in getting the things you need? Avoid scanning every cute thing you see and make the list proportional in the dollar sum to the amount of people you think will be at the shower. Perhaps you can omit that luxurious bedding set and instead get diapers in various sizes; do you really need that 'toy of the year' more than bathing and feeding necessities? You really don't need to buy clothes, I guarantee you will get some at the shower even though you don't register for them, usually the same goes for toys. If you are really picky you can always exchange them for clothes and toys you like.

5. Always Get Gift Cards: You can never have too many gift cards! These are great for after the shower to get the things that you really need but did not get before the baby arrives. If you will be returning items that might be duplicates from the shower gifts, most stores can add that store credit to one of your gift cards so you don't have to have a card flood in your wallet.

6. Read Up on Reviews: I cannot stress this enough, you will avoid disappointment and having to return items that don't live up to expectations. Since you can't exactly open every package and try things at the store, consider reading online reviews (I went crazy and did this for nearly every item). Sites like epinions, buzzilions, and viewpoints can be helpful with this. If you are registered at a large store like Babies R Us, you have the convenience of reading the reviews online by other moms and dads and you can add and delete items in your registry as you find out what will work best for you. You can of course ask other moms you know for advice in person, but I think having 20 opinions beats two or three, you get a much broader perspective and more accurate conclusions about products.

7. Try Alternative Registries: If you know that most of your guests are online and are computer savvy, consider online registries. There is a lot more options and flexibility registering with amazon.com or myregistry.com than in a brick and mortar store. This way you can add nearly anything you find on the internet to your registry and are not restricted to store inventory. Your guests can also get the best deals and prices and often free shipping. Consider having one of these as a second registry with a few items that are simply not sold in stores but you really want to get.

Finally, if you have some time on your hands, you can always make your own breastfeeding covers, newborn booties, and pouch or adjustable ring slings. They are easy, fun, and very useful (not to mention a lot cheaper than buying), and you'll be proud to have something that is not store bought!


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