Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring Clean Your Closets with Polarn O. Pyret and ThredUp!

At Polarn O. Pyret store Chestnut Hill

If you're an average mom like me, you are often overwhelmed with the quick turn over of kids clothing! They grow like weeds! Spring cleaning comes around and besides all the nooks and crannies that need to be cleaned, you've got closets full of outgrown kids clothing from past seasons. It's great when there are siblings to pass it on to, but what's your kid going to wear now? 

I am sure a lot of us moms also have some clothing of our own that hasn't been worn in months. It may be cute, but not practical with kids. It may have fit us at one point. We may have worn it once for a special occasion. Maybe it was too good of a sale to pass up. Now it's just taking up space. Meanwhile your kids need new tights, coats, shirts, jeans, etc. 

Here is what you can do right now to remedy this imbalance! 

- Send an email to thredup@polarnopyretusa.com with your mailing address and request however many bags you need
- Activate the bag online so you can receive free shipping and credit to Polarn O. Pyret
- Fill the bag with up to 10 lbs of gently used name-brand kids or women's clothing and drop it off at post office or leave it for your mailman
- ThredUp will notify you of of how much credit you will receive (check out these examples of how much you can earn). It will take about a month. 
- Your clothing is resold on ThredUp and you get to spend your credit on the Polarn O. Pyret website or in one of their stores

So what can you buy with Polarn O. Pyret store credit? The kids and I had the incredible opportunity to visit their Chestnut Hill store in Newton, Massachusetts. Baby E and Baby T had a blast picking out some clothing for the spring season. They were most excited about these spring coats you see in our photos, perfect for spring rains and cool summer evenings. The workmanship is pretty amazing, they are unlike anything you'll see at stores these days. Baby T is so in love with what he calls his "firefighter coat", that he doesn't want to take it off! He has been wearing it at home for four days now! He loves role playing and pretending to be a firefighter, savings people and animals out of fires.

The clothing is extremely high quality, easy to resell or pass down if you take good care of it. I also LOVE that so much of it is gender neutral! I was never a big fan of gender specific clothing, much to the dismay of my pink and girly loving daughter. Thankfully she declared blue her favorite color a couple of years ago, so I can at least get her this gender neutral coat that she adores. She also loves the twirly dress below, it's so comfortable and just perfect for a girly girl that loves to be active, it doesn't restrict her. 

Polarn O. Pyret always has amazing sales, so don't be discouraged by the pricing. I thought I couldn't afford anything there until I saw the sale racks and some really great deals on the high quality clothing! Above is a shirt I got for Baby T, the most awesome thing about it is that it is reversible! That's just perfect with kids! Very practical, I hope they make more like these!

Request your free ThredUp bag at thredup@polarnopyretusa.com

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  1. I like the Abilene dress and the Orange Cranberry yogurt.


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