Friday, November 14, 2014

Last 30 hours! Masala Baby NEW activewear preview and Organic Kids Pajamas Review

I've been searching for good quality organic pajamas in a market flooded with synthetics or cotton grown with pesticides. I was really excited to learn that one of my favorite kids clothing brands, Masala Baby, makes organic cotton pajamas! Not only that, they're also creating an impressive line of organic kids activewear, there are only 30 hours left of their Kickstarter campaign! Here is your chance to get your hands on some ethically sourced, organic kids activewear, a rare find. Once the campaign ends tomorrow, you'll be able to find the Organic Activewear on the Masala Baby website and Look.com starting December 15th! Perfect in time for the holidays if you're looking for useful presents.

Baby E has been sleeping in random cotton shirts and has been begging for some 'real' pajamas for months. Now that it's cooler, it's a must at bedtime here in New England! They were beyond excited to receive these pajamas and I was pretty proud of how little they need to be thankful and happy, one of those "Phew, they aren't totally 'first world' spoiled" moments. They even willingly posed for photos, these goofy adorable kids, I'm biased, I know. 

As you can see, the fabric and print is pretty amazing. I ordered a size up, Baby E will be 6 soon and she is wearing size 8 (sleeves rolled up in photos), Baby T will be 3 (next week!) and is wearing size 4. It shrunk a bit in the wash (delicate cycle, cold water), but the colors remain true and vibrant, plenty of room for them to wear it for more than one winter. So if you're in the market for organic pajamas, size up for your kids so they can enjoy them a little longer. 

I love the perfect cut and fit, I have a pet peeve - pajama shirts that are too short. No bare backs or tummies with these! Stretchy cuffs keep kids snuggly warm but make it easy to put on and take off. I love that there are no pesticides or flame retardants used in the making of these pajamas - after all, they wear them for a good 12 hours a day, so that's pretty important! 

Perhaps the only problem we've ran into with these pajamas is that they do not want to take them off! :) They want to wear them all day and I have to coax them into some clothes if we get out of the house (which I often don't want to anyway when it gets below zero around here!). 

Masala Baby also has an AMAZING line of baby and kids clothing, I guarantee you'll love it! It's beautiful, well designed and made, with vibrant modern prints and colors. I just love that it's nothing like typical clothing you see in a store, it has a ton of character and is so unique!


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