Monday, March 10, 2014

Desert Essence Baby Care Review

Have you heard of the new Desert Essence Baby Care line? I am a longtime fan of this brand for adult skincare and was pleased to find out they created a baby skin care and nursery care line! They always have the best natural ingredients and products that just last and last. Since I didn't have the need and my 'babies' are older, my friend and cousin Dina reviewed these for her 7 month old daughter, enjoy:

"I am really enjoying the Desert Essence products that I recently received. All of the products have only several ingredients that are non-toxic, include no harsh chemicals and are gentle on baby. Three of the products that I tried are organic: Gentle Foaming Hair & Body Cleanser, the Baby Lotion, and the Body & Massage Oil. 

The foaming cleanser is very mild and would probably be safe even on the most sensitive skin. I like that it comes in a foam dispenser but I’m not a huge fan of the smell. It’s fragrance free, but you can distinctly smell something, probably the olive castile soap. I do love that there are only a few ingredients! That’s so uncommon in your typical baby soap.

The baby lotion, on the other hand, has a lovely fresh ‘orangey’ smell from the orange peel oil. After using it for about a week on my baby’s dry skin, I really do think it moisturizes better than most lotions, which actually tend to dry my baby’s skin out. I’ve been using it on myself too because I just love the smell so much!

My favorite by far is the massage oil which is a combination of safflower, sunflower, and jojoba oil (and a bit of orange peel oil for the scent). This winter, my baby has had incredibly dry, almost scaly legs, and using this once a day has helped restore her soft baby skin! It’s a great combination of oils that hydrates and protects the baby’s skin.

I have also been using the Natural All Surface Cleaner which is a cleaner designed to be safe for baby toys. Again, there are only a few ingredients which makes me feel very good about using it on anything and everything my baby will come in contact with. I usually don’t clean my baby’s toys and she doesn’t get sick very often, but if you’re a germaphobe, this stuff is awesome. Once I started cleaning a couple of toys, I couldn’t stop because of the refreshing tea tree and lavender scent. Now my entire house smells like tea tree and lavender...yum! One thing I really didn't like, though, was the spray nozzle on the bottle. It's small and uncomfortable to hold and took me forever to figure out that I needed to slide a tiny plastic notch to lock and unlock it.

I definitely think these products are worth it, especially for the price (ranging from $5-13). Most organic baby products are super pricey but this stuff is not! And they come in relatively large containers, so they should last for a while."

Check out www.desertessence.com/baby-products

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