Thursday, December 5, 2013

HABA MOOVER Dump Truck Review {Gift Idea}

As you know Baby T turned two a couple of weeks ago, my big boy! I wasn't sure whether I wanted to get his a birthday present, after all - he doesn't need anything. I knew presents wouldn't fit in our budget at this time, so I was really excited when on a whim I asked about this amazing HABA MOOVER Dump Truck and they agreed to let us review it! Thank you HABA for Baby T's birthday present!

I wasn't sure who was more excited to open it! Baby E couldn't wait to get her hands on it! We waited until the day of his birthday to open it. He loves the box, isn't that what 2 year olds prefer, right? We unpacked the flat package and my husband quickly assembled the truck, took him about five minutes after I previously showed him the assembly video demonstrating how easy it is. 

Both Baby T and Baby E absolutely love the MOOVER dump truck - it's one of those toys that will always get lots and lots of use! One reason is that it isn't small and you can't lose it among other toys. The other is that it really is open ended and they always think of some way to use it in the play, whether actually pretending to be a dump truck driver or pretending to be a mail carrier, a farmer, or an auto mechanic. I only wish I got it for his last birthday, it would have been perfect for him to ride when he just learned to walk. But since even my 5 year old is playing with it, I know we'll get many years of use out of it. 

I was nervous when five year old Baby E sat on it and started riding around, I thought it isn't made for holding that much weight so I made her get off. I was wrong! I looked at the box and it said up to 5 years old or 38 kg, which is 83.7 pounds! So it's great for siblings to play with and although it was a present for Baby T, they both get a lot of play out of it - it's like a collaborative toy that sort of brings them together, teaches them to take turns.

The quality and details on this truck are evident, you can even tell from the photos. My husband was amazed at how it just snaps together but is designed to be strong without any screws, it's quite innovative! The kids love the back that opens to reveal a hiding place for their cargo, they have stuffed so many things in there! The truck is narrow and very comfortable for a toddler to sit on and ride, that's Baby T's favorite way to use it and get around the house. It is also easy to turn and he doesn't get frustrated with it, the pivoting peg separates the two parts of the truck and makes it flexible. It's not something for riding around outdoors, though you could on nice pavement, but it's really designed for indoor use - which is very welcome for our relatively long New England winter! I'm guessing it will be the most used toy in this house through this winter season.

This line of MOOVER ride-ons also has a few other choices - the baby truck, walker, doll pram, and rocking horse. All of these comes in two color choices, natural and red, and the price range is from $90.24 to $170.99 for these heirloom quality wooden toys. They are available for purchase on their website or at Amazon.

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  1. That is a really neat toy! I know my almost two year old would love it - too bad it's not in our price range.

    1. Yes, it's great for that age! It is pricey, that's true. I know if I could, price wise I would rather replace all the cheap toys we have with just a few nice ones like this. So tired of throwing money in the dump every time a 'reasonably priced' toy falls apart and gets thrown out (even if we didn't buy it). I would rather have this one truck for the kids at about $92 currently on Amazon, than three or four cheaper toys that have a short life span, know what I mean?

      I certainly understand though that sometimes it's just out of reach financially, we do without for many things around here :) It's definitely best not to buy at all rather than buy out of your means!


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