Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Maudslay State Park | Newburyport

A few weeks ago in September we went to this beautiful park with the kids, the last time we were there when Baby T was still in my tummy exactly two years ago. This place is absolutely amazing and to add to the fun, there was an installation of sculptures by different local artists throughout the park. 

As much as I don't like hauling around the Nikon D800 with me on trips like these, I never regret taking it and I always do when I don't take it along. So here are a few photo highlights of our trip that I hope you'll enjoy (just saying that because I love looking at photos on other blogs too!). 

Oh, and if you're local to Massachusetts or southern New Hampshire and ever need maternity, newborn, family, or event photos, I am here!

It was a beautiful day, all the way up until an epic tantrum by Baby T when he found out we're leaving. :)


  1. This looked like a gorgeous place to visit,and was a great place to take kids!They looked like they had fun!


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