Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Little Flock of Horrors Merino Kids Clothing Review

We received a package in the mail that put a smile on everyone's face! For me, mostly because I'm so thankful to have warm, breathable, merino goodness for my kids to get them through the New England fall and winter ahead. Thanks to Little Flock of Horrors, Baby E and Baby T will be comfy and toasty warm in the shirt, bodysuit, and two pairs of pants they received. 

Baby E put this fuchsia shirt on the moment it arrived and I'm not gonna lie, she wears it day and night. Thankfully merino has this amazing quality - it doesn't get dirty! Unless you deliberately make it dirty or take a swim in a puddle of course. But it is truly the most kid-friendly material ever! This cute shirt will fit her now and well into fall next year too. Love it paired with her jean skirt. 

Baby T is wearing the black merino pants he received here, they are so comfortable for him! He doesn't like when clothing is too restricting, what kid does? This is a perfect blend of comfort, style, practicality, and breath-ability. A versatile must have that goes with anything. Chic enough to wear to a birthday party with a polo and plain enough to wear with pajamas! 

He also received this ensemble of a black bodysuit and heather gray pants (below). Yep, that's his pouffy cloth diaper underneath, not the pants being pouffy! I love this cozy warm pairing of top and pants that goes with virtually anything in his wardrobe and it's so easy to mix and match. 

Merino wool is naturally antibacterial, water repellent, fire resistant, breathable, and totally amazing! Something you can't say for synthetic materials. It's definitely more expensive, but it is also more long lasting and in our experience merino products still look like new after many washes and wear. Think you need to hand wash all wool? Not this merino wool, it's easily thrown in the wash on a wool cycle. Though I prefer to hand wash wool just because, I still throw it in with our merino sleep bags once in a while.  

Little Flock of Horrors is an amazing company based in New Zealand. Naturally, they wanted to create clothing that their kids could live and play hard in, clothing that was safe and natural, as well as environmentally friendly to produce. The dad and founder behind LFoH worked in Vermont (our neighbor!) at a ski resort for many years, yet never discovered the wonders of merino until he had kids. This well-designed, edgy merino apparel is evidently the perfect clothing for active, messy, unpredictable creatures that kids are! Watch out for their fall/winter 2013/14 collection that will be available very soon, follow on social media and you'll be in the loop for the latest!

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