Friday, August 16, 2013

Urgent: Little Flock of Horrors Baby and Toddler Merino Clothing Campaign

Are you a lover of wool and merino like me? I love this incredible material for my kids' clothing, even though we only have a few pieces. Here is your chance to find out for yourself what an incredible material it is! Perhaps my favorite thing about it is that it hardly gets dirty! What mom won't love that?!

If you haven't heard of Little Flock of Horrors, I'm here to tell you about it and to ask you to please support their Kickstarter project that ENDS MONDAY, any amount helps and will go toward getting this small company off the ground and to make merino more affordable for the average family. If you already know it's the best fabric for babies, you know you're supporting something worthwhile! Just 68 hours left to support this campaign. 

Here are some of the merino goods you will get for your baby or yourself in return for supporting their campaign (see the Kickstarter page for more options):

So what are you waiting for? Find out more about this company from the owners themselves by visiting their Kickstarter campaign and supporting this great company - plus get some merino for your support! 

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  1. Wow thanks so much for taking notice of our Kickstarter campaign! It has been an amazing experience and we are so happy to have the chance to share merino childrenswear to more families.

  2. Awesome product, I ♡ the name and just bought a couple of pieces for my "monster". Thanks Anastasia :)

    1. You're welcome Ellen and thank you so much for responding the the urgent call! :) Enjoy the merino goodness!


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