Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dervish Clothing Review and Giveaway

Ever since having kids my preference has always been clothing that is comfortable. I like stylish, but comfort is more important when chasing kids. I've recently discovered Dervish, handcrafted clothing that is both super comfortable and has a unique style - no need to compromise. 

I received the Yogini Capris and the Freedom Shrug to try out and I have to admit I've been wearing it a little too often because I love it so much! Stretchy cotton goodness that has a perfect fit and moves with you, it's the ultimate mom-gear for everyday or dressed up for a special occasion. 

I love the side ruching on the capris that gives them a little more flair, easily cute enough to slip on heels and a dressy tunic for a night out with hubby. The fold-over waist makes these perfect for pregnancy and postpartum! It is truly designed to fit a woman's body through all seasons of life. If we have another baby, I'm looking forward to living in these... Oh wait, I'm already wearing them nearly every day! :)

The Freedom Shrug is exactly that, it gives you the freedom to move and to wear summer tops through more than one season, which you will especially appreciate if you have short sleeve maternity tops and end up being pregnant in the winter. This gives you a lot of versatility and works for both the playground or even a black tie event combined with a matching dress.

Dervish clothing is designed by Jasmine, who is so incredibly talented! The clothing is made in Oregon by her and a team of experienced seamstresses. The designs are so fun and all of them so flattering.

"This is what I want my clothes to feel like:
Free, movable  danceable, breathable, delicious, feminine, special, soft, stretchy, yummy, solid, beautiful, sexy, flattering, fun." -Jasmine

The clothing really does feel exactly like that! The two pieces I received indeed are feminine, breathable, and so movable. I certainly wouldn't mind if my wardrobe was overwhelmingly dominated by such carefully crafted, perfectly tailored pieces as you'll find at Dervish! Here is a great deal to get you started:

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  1. I love the flirt pants!! Could love in those!

  2. I love the
    Yogini Capris

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  3. I love this in teal color - Thumbelina Tunic

  4. I like the Yogini capris or the corset capris

  5. All of it! All the clothes look so comfortable, esp the pants.

  6. http://www.dervishclothing.com/products/yogini-flares-1
    all the pants actually...love the flare!

  7. I like the Yogini Capris. Would be great to workout in them.

  8. Love the Thumbelina tunic: http://www.dervishclothing.com/collections/tops/products/thumbelina-tunic

  9. I love the long Daisy Skirt!! LOVE it!!

  10. i love the knee length daisy skirt....

  11. I love the Jedi Coat, very cute! My daughter is very tall and could carry off something this long.

  12. I love the Jedi Coat. It's so hippie looking. Actually I love all these clothes because they remind me of the hippie days, Which were my days.

  13. I would love the Maverick Corset!

  14. i adore this coat http://www.dervishclothing.com/products/brown-plum-sweater-coat

  15. My favorite Dervish item is the Orange Lotus Sweater Coat.

  16. I think the Orange Lotus Sweater Coat is very cool.


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