Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Real Foods Kitchen Wish List

I have a small kitchen that's used and abused daily as nearly everything is made from scratch and we rarely go out to eat. While I make do with the tools I have, there are many that would make my time in the kitchen more efficient and would enable me to try a larger variety of recipes. Frankly, I don't want a big kitchen, but I wouldn't mind some magical place to store all the kitchen tools that aren't used daily! 

I admit I have quite a refined taste for luxurious kitchen gadgets. I spend at least three hours a day in the kitchen, usually more. While I could just as well cook with a minimal amount of tools or over a campfire, it's nice to have a few things to save time and add convenience. I've also found that sometimes the cheap versions of appliances can be just as good or better than the expensive ones. I have a vintage KitchenAid mixer that was a hand-me-down, and though it looks worn, it works wonderfully and I wouldn't consider replacing it with a brand new one. You could probably find one at a garage sale!   

High Powered Blender: Our cheap blender has been serving us for almost seven years since we got married, but one day when it decides to no longer work I know I'll need a replacement. I would love to be able to do more with a blender than just make smoothies. There are a few nice ones on the market, though they all aren't cheap, I like this one

Food Processor: I still can't decide whether I would want a high powered blender or a food processor, I think having both is overkill. My cheap blender is sort of okay with handling smoothies, so I really need the processor function more than a blender. Then I wouldn't have to borrow my mom's food processor to make some nutritious liver pate. If I was to get one I would go for something like this one, which is for 14 cups and great for making meals in large batches. 

Ice Cream Maker: It would be great to make our own ice cream because even organic store bought ice cream has unnecessary ingredients and way too much sugar for our taste. I could make ice cream a health food with some secret ingredients! I would be content with the simplicity and price of this one, but this one would really be a splurge and I love gelato! Crazy price though, can't really justify that. 

Cake Stand with Cover: I rarely make cakes, but when I do, I always wish I had a cake stand. I would pick this one, which looks beautiful - but would be scary to use around kids, that's a lot of glass! I'm not good with glass, ask my husband. I've broken my fair share of ceramic and glass in the past year.   

Stainless Steel Baking Pan: Since glass is bad for me for everyday use, I would love a baking pan like this one, it is gorgeous. I broke our large glass one just a couple of months ago. I would use it to make larger batches of meals so that there are either left overs or something to put in the freezer until later. 

Jerky Cannon: We go through a large amount of beef jerky each month and though I don't really have the time to, I would use this to make some myself from the grass fed beef we get from a local farmer. Until we get around to doing that, I am still buying this one, a great snack on-the-go or a midnight munch. 

Roomy Refrigerator: Okay, so I'm really dreaming and this isn't a need - this is a 'wish list' after all! But I'm starting to realize that for the growing appetites of our family I may soon no longer be able to do just one shopping trip every three weeks for efficiency because we simply will not fit all of it in the average-size fridge. If one would magically appear in our kitchen, I wouldn't mind this one

Tea Maker: We have no coffee maker as we don't even drink coffee. We have a simple electric tea kettle that has served us well, but if we really want to get serious about drinking tea the 'right way' and having water at the right temperature for different teas, we would love to splurge on this one. Yes, another item with a crazy price that is totally unneeded and a luxury for us. 

Le Creuset: Is any real foods kitchen complete without Le Creuset stoneware? I would love this set with lid so that I can stop using aluminum foil to cover casseroles. It's practical and beautiful, it would get a ton of use around here, especially for comfort foods through the New England winter. 

Toaster/Convection Oven: We have a cheap toaster oven, which I am amazed is still operable. We've had it since we got married almost seven years ago and let's just say it is no longer 'presentable', I can't wash off everything that's on it. It's used daily through the winter as we don't own a microwave, we use it to reheat leftovers. So needless to say, it is on its last lap and if we will need a new one I would love this one, or realistically, this one.

Just like with baby gear for raising baby, you don't need all these things to make great meals in the kitchen, but sometimes it's nice for the sake of saving time and convenience!

What's on your kitchen wish list? 

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  1. Those are some great kitchen gadgets. I thought my husband was crazy paying $400 for Blendtec® Total Blender about 6 years ago. I've been using and abusing blender starting from smoothies to grinding some grain for flour and using as a food processor, although that is something i need to have besides the blender. Our blender is not as powerful anymore perhaps because its outdated, its loud and doesn't do the job the new one does. But yes I agree once you have it you'll think how could i ever go without it. But the price always pulls you back.

    Our toaster oven no longer presentable although its only few years old, but it operates and yes we payed $50 to replace the microwave.

    To have a french door fridge is my dream, at this point i feel like i need two of my regular fridges to fit everything in, especially storing summer produce.

    Our ice cream maker is ok, unless i did something wrong the bowl doesn't freeze completely anymore which is a bummer.

    1. Ah, see I would be the crazy one paying that much for a blender, but my husband is the crazy one who thought it was okay to spend way more on a Nikon D800, his idea! I've got no blender, but now have a nice camera and having it is finally pushing me to get serious about the photography business. The blender, while it would be great for our family, can't make money - that's how he looks at it :) lol I hear you on the fridge, I feel like I need 2 too.

  2. That Breville is AMAZING!!! They are a wonderful brand. Also, even if it breaks after the "warranty" they replace their products. My mom had one for a year and a half and something malfunctioned and they replaced it.

    Also, look into a Vita-Mix blender, they are the most amazing blender ever. If you look on craiglist you can find some good deals. They also have sometimes up to 7+ warrantys

    1. That's awesome, exactly why we're Breville fans! I've heard a lot of praises of the Vita-Mix, something I would have to save up for :)
      Thanks for your comment!


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