Monday, June 10, 2013

Onyx Stainless Ice Cubes Review {Giveaway soon}

Ours is a tea drinking family. I used to be a coffee addict until I decided to quit because I didn't like how coffee ruled my life. Now I start most mornings with a cup of herbal tea. If you have kids, I'm sure you know how that goes - you have about two minutes to drink it hot until you're interrupted by your kids and then something else, which leads to something else. In an hour you realize your tea is cold. I've been avoiding that by brewing my tea and then throwing in one or two of these awesome stainless steel ice cubes so that I can drink it right away and it's not burning hot. 

Whether you like your adult beverage on the rocks, some ice for iced tea, or just iced water - these are perfect in every way. They do not water down your drink or affect the taste. You know that 'freezer flavor'? Not with these cubes! They are filled with distilled water that's sealed inside. I'm looking forward to putting these in my mint iced tea this summer and I can totally use them to keep food cool when toting along a picnic with the kids to the beach or park. After use I give them a quick rinse and put them back in the tray. I love that I don't have to refill with water, which can be challenging sometimes with a toddler tugging at my legs. 

Priced at $38.49 for this set in a stainless steel case with sliding lid, they are not cheap by all means. They will last pretty much forever however and they are very convenient. I think they make a great gift for anyone, great for dad too. They are also sold in a set of 6 without a case for $22.49 and as a set of 8 in a plastic tray with tongs for $29.99. A word of warning, your toddler may think they are a great toy! Baby T was so fond of them that he took two to bed with him one evening and I had to stealthily remove them and hide them once he fell asleep. One of them did fall on the tile kitchen floor and was just fine, but that's not something I would recommend anyway. 

Enter to win a set of stainless steel ice cubes as part of the Keeping Cool in the Sun event that starts tomorrow!

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