Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kids Shoes {Umi Love}

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My kids have a thing for comfortable shoes, once they tried some it's hard to find anything else that would live up to their comfort standards. It makes sense, as adults we appreciate comfortable footwear as well and I'm always on the search for the right blend of style and comfort. 

One of our favorite shoe brands is UMI Children's Shoes, which I'm sure you've heard of before and we have written about their shoes on a couple of occasions here at Eco-Babyz. My kids love UMI and always pick them over others. Baby E wore her UMI boots for two fall and winter seasons- first with some thick merino socks and then without any the next winter. Her feet are always warm, dry, and with the flexible sole, comfortable to walk in even for extended periods of time. 

I think it is so important to invest in comfortable shoes for your baby, they are better off having a pair or two of comfy shoes that will last for more than one baby than many pairs of cheap shoes that are detrimental to proper foot development and will fall apart fast. When your child is learning to walk, it is best to let them go barefoot Of course outside the home, aside from your grassy backyard, they have to wear something. UmiBaby shoes are perfect for that. They are light and have a flexible sole and even have a removable herbal  footbed to keep feet dry and comfortable. Have you ever noticed that the most comfy shoes you own are ones with flexible soles? I know I have. 

UMI Children's Shoes are truly made to last. The few pairs we have go through a lot of abuse! All the usual kicking, running, and rough play that a toddler is so good at. They all still look nearly new and I wouldn't hesitate to use them with more of my own children or pass them on to a friend who is expecting to get even more use from them. They even have a pretty good resale value if you would want to go that route!

Do you own any UMI shoes? How do your kids like them? 

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of MyReviewsNow for BlogDash. All opinions are 100% mine.


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