Thursday, May 23, 2013

Plan Toys Chalet Dollhouse Review

My kids love open ended toys that leave a lot to the imagination. As a parent I appreciate it too. I also love toys that enable them to play together, a little boy and his big sister. Toys that will keep their attention longer than five minutes on long New England winter days. 

We received the Plan Toys Chalet Dollhouse to review and the little ones have been playing with it for a month. There are so many things they love about it. To start, we love that it is two separate pieces and can be configured any way you wish. It can be a two family home. It can be a house in the city and a summer cottage in the country. It can be a train station and a hospital is they wish. Possibilities are endless! The awesome thing is that they can play with it not that they are 4.5 year old and 18 months, and they'll be playing with it for years - it's not something that will be outgrown any time soon. We will let the pictures do most of the talking in our review, it's gorgeous as you can see...

Not only is the house itself open to rearrangement, there are also so many possibilities with the two sets of stairs and the furniture (shown in photos below). I still remember when I was about eight years old and I didn't have a dollhouse for my dolls, I made one out of the shelves on our gigantic, wall-size bookcase. My favorite thing was arranging furniture and reconfiguring the interior space. I wonder if my enthusiasm for that has anything to do with the fact that I got by Bachelor of Science in Interior Design many years later! I do think that it's great for their development to play with the interior space and pretend little people live there.

Baby T seems to be too young to really appreciate the dollhouse, but Baby E is thrilled with it! It's really a little girl's dream. She loves the modern design of the house and the furniture. When Baby T isn't bothering her and pulling out all the furniture, she can be found lost in her imagination playing with this dollhouse, making up stories, and orchestrating the lives of little dolls down to fine details. The furniture for the dollhouse is wonderfully designed, there is only minimal assembly involved. You'll need a little wood glue for the beds to be put together, but you can do without it if you don't have an 18 month old that just takes things apart whenever he handles them. The rest of the furniture is really all one-piece items, no assembly required. 

When the furniture arrived
The Plan Toys Chalet Dollhouse is easy to move around the house if the kids choose to play in different rooms, it is fairly light and can be grabbed by the top roof part without falling apart. It is something I would recommend putting together and never taking apart though, unless you absolutely have to for moving or something. It is easily accessible on all sides, so it's great when kids are playing alongside each other, there is no shortage of access space = less fighting, more sharing. 

I have to admit, assembling this dollhouse wasn't easy as it came without directions (probably lost somewhere because it was an open-box item, not an issue that you would face as a customer). Assembly took almost an hour, so Baby E and Baby T were getting a little impatient - and hubby a little frustrated. When my husband was finally done the kids were thrilled to start playing with it! Don't you just love those 'new toy' moments and watching the kids exploring something new? They were playing with it for a good hour.

Plan Toys has an amazing selection of wooden toys, both classic and modern. You'll find everything from stackers, pull toys, and puzzles, to ride-on toys, musical toys, and kitchen toys. Out of all the dollhouse options, we think the Green Dollhouse is a pretty neat concept as well. These are the kind of toys that are worth splurging a little more on and will last for generations!

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