Friday, May 3, 2013

10 Green and Crunchy Mother's Day Gifts

What? Mother's Day already? Whether you are looking for a gift for a fellow mom, your own mother, or your mother-in-law, we've got ideas. These are great gifts for the health conscious women in your life, from affordable to super expensive splurges - there are many options to fit within your budget. 

1. Eco Non-stick Pan: I use one daily and it's great to know it has no toxic PFOA or PTFE. There are many out there, usually the more expensive the better the quality. I love the ceramic/diamond coated ones, they just don't get scratched! I don't even need to use oil for things not to stick, though I still do for nutrition. Some great options: BergHOFF or Woll

2. Stainless Water Bottle: I still see so many people using plastic bottled water with chemicals leaching in. So much healthier and cheaper to use a stainless bottle! My favorite one hands down is the G2V reusable water bottle, no mold, no weird taste or stink, we've had it for over 2 years and it is still like new. This brings us to...

3. Berkey Water Filter: To compliment a reusable bottle, of course you need something to fill it with. The Berkey water filter is hands down one of the best out there and filters out fluoride, chlorine, pathogens, VOCs, heavy metals, and more.

4. Non-toxic Mattress: A toxin free sleeping environment can do a lot for overall health. Help avoid headaches, sleeplessness, and give the gift of resting well. This, of course, is one huge splurge of a gift! By far, Essentia looks like the leader in natural rubber memory foam, but there are other options such as Pure Rest or an organic wool mattress topper from Bio Sleep Concept

5. Reusable Lunch Containers: Whether for work, leisure, or travel, reusable stainless or glass containers will make for healthier eating habits without the toxins found in plastic and without the temptation of buying a packages processed lunch. We highly recommend Eco Lunchbox and leak proof stainless containers from Onyx

6. Abe's Market E-Gift Card: This online retailer has anything and everything an healthy mom could dream of, so an Abe's Market gift certificate is a perfect gift in any denomination from $15 to $150. They have organic cotton and bamboo clothing, natural and gluten free foods, natural skin care, natural health remedies, and so much more. If you wish to buy a specific gift, use this link for free shipping

7. Conscious Box Subscription: Do you know a mom who loves to discover new Eco-friendly, natural, and organic products? Give the gift of a monthly Conscious Box subscription delivered to her door. 

8. Purificup: For a mom who likes to travel or is into hiking/camping, this is a great gift. The Purificup is a portable water filter that uses silver technology to provide drinking water no matter where you are in the world! Water from any lake, river, or stream is now safe to drink without worrying about bacteria or heavy metals. For Mother's Day use code MOM15 through May 12th to get 15% off your purchase. 

9. A Blendtec: No 'real food' kitchen is complete without a high powered blender or a food processor. Yes, quite the splurge of a gift - I sure wouldn't complain if I received one! Our cheap 'just married' blender from almost 7 years ago is on it's last lap. Use code 499955 to get free shipping.

10. Healthy Makeup: It's no secret that the toxins in modern makeup only aid in skin aging. Give the gift of healthy, food and mineral based makeup that results in a natural glow and healthier skin. I'm a big fan of RMS Beauty, Jing Ai, and Emani Minerals

Of course your mom would be happy with a few drawings and crafts from the grandchildren, but it's always nice to receive a thoughtful gift!

What ideas do you have for Mother's Day gifts? What would you like for yourself?

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