Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 in 2012 Final Results and Thoughts

I am glad to have done 2012 in 2012 decluttering challenge even though I didn't get to the goal. To me, the process mattered and it was not so much about the end result as it is about changing my mind set about all the stuff in our house. I've parted with many thats-too-nice-to-give-away items and it's made my heart lighter. I am no longer going to track progress, but I am definitely going to continue getting rid of things in the new year. 

I have actually tried the Swap.com valet service and sent in a whole box of great condition clothing that was too small for Baby E. Now I can swap it for stuff we need on their website! There are still Swap free shipping codes available if you want to send in gently used or like-new clothing. I made 3 piles of clothing and made it a goal for the 'keep' pile to be the smallest and the 'donate' pile to be the largest. It worked! The middle pile pictured above is for Swap.com.

I'm also glad to have sold many things and made over a thousand dollars selling stuff we don't need, much better than all of it lying around taking up space.

How have you done with decluttering your house in 2012?

Last Round and RESULTS:

1  baby bouncer (sold)
35 broken toy pieces (trash)
18 random household items (donated)
55 pieces of clothing (donated)

Total = 1,219 of 2012
as of December 30th, 2012

Selling Stuff YTD: made $1,372

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  1. Great job! In my pursuit of a less cluttered home I've been donating a kitchen size trash bag full of stuff a week for months but I didn't count the items. I got rid of enough books to actually unpack all of our books and shelve them at last! We've lived here for 7 1/2 years and I finally unpacked the last book box!


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