Thursday, December 20, 2012

Newfoundland Day at Smolak Farms

We are not big on tradition around here. But we do like spontaneity. I think we got ourselves a new tradition though because of our spontaneity. We decided to get our first Christmas tree ever since having children. Baby E is at that age where she really enjoys it. We were looking for tree farms to cut our own and decided to check out Smolak Farms that we frequent for their animals (and because they are so close).

I had no idea what the prices were for the trees. But I did look at their website and saw that the day we were going they would have Newfoundland Dogs there to give rides to kids and pull Christmas trees. Forget the trees (they were way way overpriced and we cut our own elsewhere for half the price of Smolak). 

These amazing creatures were a hit with the kids!

We were trying to talk Baby E into a ride in one of these carts below... She was scared and wasn't interested. Until of course daddy went to get the car, with the camera, and she was all over it. So I have no photos of her ride! But this is the dog below that pulled her, like a fluffy bear. I followed along with Baby T in a BobaAir

A picturesque little pond was filled with ducks and geese. A day filled with moments we craved with kids. It is so close, yet so far away, only a few minutes from our home.

Of course she had to chase the geese and force them onto the ice! Since we have no backyard, it was nice to have her roam around and expend some energy.

We came home and took a 'family nap', all four of us. It was perfect! Let's do this again next year :)

Do you have any holiday traditions you enjoy with your kids? Was it something passed on or something you started as a family?


  1. I love Smolak Farms! We missed this event but it looks so cute. We have started to go to the Nutcracker and also like to take one night out to look at the Christmas lights around the area. (you are close to me so if you haven't already gone-go to Tewksbury-Rockville Ave!!)

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I've always wanted to go to the Nutcracker too :)

  2. I miss the tradition cutting our own tree, here in WA we had to go and get one cut already, 'cause there is no place, or maybe we don't know where yet. Back in MA we had our favorite farm where trees were $25 and it was so fun to go with kids and pick one.

  3. When we lived in NV we'd go around town at night looking for good Christmas light displays. My husband would keep his eyes open during the day as he was driving to and from work or if he had to go out and measure a job, then we'd check out the displays at night.


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