Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pish Posh Baby: Skip Hop Playspot Review

I love watching my kids playing together! I also love that we now have such a nice play spot for them, the Skip Hop Playspot that is. I was browsing the Pish Posh Baby online baby store, drooling over their amazing selection of strollers and baby gear, then I spotted Playspot. The room that our kids will be sharing has old wall-to-wall carpeting left over from the previous owners. It's kind of nasty, no amount of vacuuming can help it. In the long run we'll eventually replace it, but at the moment I really wasn't crazy about Baby T crawling all over it and having his face in it. The Skip Hop Playspot is the perfect solution!

It creates a soft, safe, and fun place for the kids to play. Before we put it to use, I opened the package and let it air out a little outdoors. As far as I know, Skip Hop makes one of the least stinky and least toxic foam play mats, but there was still a slight smell (our air purifier did the rest of the work). I'm waiting until the day someone makes a natural rubber play mat, but until then...

The kids clearly prefer to be playing, building, and reading on this play mat now. It's like a huge puzzle and can be arranged in a variety of ways. They haven't taken it apart, yet! I didn't give Baby E the idea that you can take it apart, otherwise I would spend hours each day putting it back together. I know the day will come that she's not going to wait for my permission! 

The colors are fun and playful, the thickness is great, it is perfect for a play room (our kids room is also their bedroom). As you can see in the photos, it doesn't lie entirely flat for us, which is just a problem with the carpet underneath that's warping and is wavy, otherwise Playspot would be completely flat. 

Aside from the line of Skip Hop products, Pish Posh Baby carries some of the top modern baby gear brands on the market like Babyhome, Baby Jogger, Bugaboo, Britax, Boon, Bumbleride, Diono, Ergo Baby, Lullaby Earth, Maclaren, Maxi Cosi, Mutsy, Naturepedic, Stokke, Svan, and Valvo - to name a few! Whether you are looking for an organic crib mattress or a convertible car seat, Pish Posh baby has a little of everything.

There are many reasons to shop at Pish Posh Baby. All orders over $75 get free shipping, no sales taxes, and knowledgeable staff that can give you some pointers on what you actually need.

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Disclaimer: I did not receive payment for this review. I was provided a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are solely my own and your experience may differ.


  1. I can't find the playmat you have anywhere. I see the same style online but not your colors. Where did you find the one shown above?

    1. It's this one, except we rearranged the colors! > http://www.pishposhbaby.com/skip-hop-playspot-foam-tiles-brights.html


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