Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tea Collection's 10th Anniversary!

We have drooled over the Tea Collection clothing for so long! We are so excited that they will be part of the Back 2 School Event that starts here July 17th. Another exciting thing? They are celebrating their ten year anniversary and you can get 10% off your order! I can't believe it's been that long already, I'm getting old. I heard of Tea for the first time about three years ago when Baby E was a tiny infant. Lookout for our first ever Tea review coming soon!

For 10 years, Tea Collection has brought worldwide cultures and modern design to children's fashion. To celebrate their decade of global inspiration, Tea has created a Tenth Anniversary Collection from their favorite pieces. Browse collections inspired from Japan, Brazil, Korea, Turkey, & West Africa! These adorable pieces are a must-have for back-to-school! Let your children travel the world with Tea Collection! Happy Shopping!

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  1. How cute are those outfits! I want some for myself! :) Steph S.


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