Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back 2 School Giveaway Hop {Tea, Umi, Fundanoodle}

It's here! We are giving away the fabulous, must-have Tea Collection $100 Gift Card and Umi $60 Gift Card to help you with your child's back to school (or preschool, or homeschool) wardrobe! The third prize is from Fundanoodle, creators of fun and engaging early learning/handwriting systems for toddlers, kindergartners, preschoolers, and first graders.


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To enter our giveaway at Eco-Babyz for the $100 Tea Collection Gift Card, $60 Umi Gift Card, and Fundanoodle Learning Package all you have to do is complete the mandatory entry in the Rafflecopter form below. All other entries are optional and increase your chances of winning. There will be three winners! One winner per prize - so your odds are pretty good and winning something!

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Disclosure: The WiC Project and the Back 2 School Bloggie Boogie bloggers are not responsible for sponsors that fail to fulfill their prizes.


  1. Tea collection i love the Tivoli Gardens Wrap Dress


  2. At Tea, my favorite is the City Biker Tee.

    At Umi, my favorite is the Brogan shoes.

    At Fundanoodle, my favorite is the I Can Do Fun Activities Floor Pad.

  3. Love the Raya Stripe rompers at Tea Collection, the Bodi boots at Umi and the learning systems at Fundanoodle, starting at age 3!

  4. I love tea collection clothes and Im excited to try umi shoes

  5. SUKAWATI MASK TEE, Ryder, and Fundanoodle Max & Alphie's Adventures! | Activity Book 3

  6. I really like the roll up cargo shirts at TEA Collection, the Bodi shoes at Umi, and "I can do fun activities floor mat from Fundanoodle.

    -Hannah Avery


  7. Stephanie O'MalleyJuly 17, 2012 at 9:01 PM

    I really like the Umi shoes

  8. I love the Tea Collection Denim Look Pants,
    Umi Brogan brown multi shoes, and
    Fundanoodle I can do fun activities floor pad.
    lajohnson555 at yahoo dot com


  9. Danish floral 5pc set, Bluet,I can do math 3yo

  10. At Tea, my favorite is the City biker tee

    At Umi, my favorite is the Connor shoes

    At Fundanoodle, my favorite Max & Alphie's Adventures! | Activity book 3

    beth.rees333 at gmail dot com

  11. On form as Tonya E

    Lotus Wrap One-Piece, Cassia, Fundanoodle I Can Write Lower Case!

  12. I like the Shane Shoes from Umi, Sejong Dragon Pants from Tea Collection and the Fundanoodle Max & Alphie's Adventures from Fundanoodle

  13. I love the Pendant Umi shoes, the Marguerite Banded Dress at Tea Collection, and the FUndanoodle I Can Do Math workbooks.

  14. I like the Magnolia Batik Dress in purple at the Tea Site, the Terran Shoes for boys at Umi and the Fundanoodle I Can Build Upper Case Letters! Activity Kit.


  15. Tea collection - Two Tie Romper, Umi Shoes - Shane, Fundanoodle - I Can Write My Own Stories!

    cherriesjessilee at gmail dot com

  16. From the Tea Collection: Lotus Print Blanket
    From Umi: Etude
    From Fundanoodle: Fundanoodle I Can Do Math! | Level 1

  17. love this giveaway tea collection

  18. Tea Collection - Artisan Ikat Tunic
    Umi - Monie Shoes
    Fundanoodle - I can Do Math

  19. Tea- Baby Girl Helsinki Dots Wrap Mini Dress
    Umi- Umibaby Alix
    Fundanoodle- I Can Doodle!

  20. Tea Collection: Lucky Dragon PJs
    Emu: Caadan
    Fundanoodle: Fundanoodle I Can Build Upper Case Letters! Activity Kit

  21. Tea: the aurora tank dress
    umi: silver moni loafer for girls
    fundanoodle: I can doodle for 3 year olds
    luckyseattlemom at gmail dot com

  22. Hi there,
    Thanks for the chance to win TEA. Love those folks!
    Fav's are mostly from the Anniversary collection:
    Red butterfly dress
    Hanj wrap dress
    Sejong Dragon Pants (cute for girls too)

    Also like the Laululintu Tee

    So sad I missed the Moon Orchid dress -- just couldn't justify buying white. Stalk the site regularly now :)

  23. Tea and Umi, i like their shoes.
    Fundanoodle, Alphie's adventure

  24. Tea: Tulip Bubble Dress
    Umi: Calie in navy or red
    Fundanoodle: I Can Do Fun Activities Floor Pad

  25. Tea: Kukka Butterfly Playdress
    Umi: Chaarmy
    FundaNoodles: Max Alphabet Adventures

  26. I like everything in the 3 year old system section at Fundanoodle.
    I like the Brogans at Umi for little boys.
    I like the Fire Engine Red 5 piece set at Tea for boys.

  27. From Tea Collection: Butterfly Dot Dress :) From Umi: LOVE the Bluet shoes in every single color for my baby girl :) and from Fundanoodle the Fundanoodle I Can Write Upper Case! sounds great for my pre-k 3 yr old.

    richelle_grady at hotmail dot com

  28. Tea: Tivoli Gardens Wrap Dress
    Umi: Terran
    Fundanoodle: Fundanoodle I Can Write Lower Case Writing Tablet, Ages K to First Grade


  29. Tea collection-Peli Stripe Romper
    Umi-Weelie shoes
    funoodle-I can read kit for 3 yr olds

  30. At Tea Collection I love the Tossed Butterfly collection PJs.
    From Uni I love the Braden shoes in Brown Multi.
    I like the Fundanoodle I Can Do Math, Level 1

  31. From Tea Collection I like the Kukka Butterfly Playdress. From Umi I like the Ravern shoes. From Fundanoodle I like the Fundanoodle I Can Build Upper Case Letters! Activity Kit.

  32. i love the hockey bot 5-piece set @ tea collection
    http://www.teacollection.com/product/2F2D301/boys-sets-hockey-bot-5-piece-set.html# , i love the ryder shoes @ umi
    http://www.umishoes.com/shop/style/380061-121.html , i love the fundanoodle i can write upper case http://www.fundanoodle.com/learning-systems/product-detail.cfm/ID/288C0C3E-9830-20D8-B556BB1E19C0C771
    jenny lloyd

  33. My Favorite Tea Collection piece is the AALTO STRIPE SWEATER TUNIC
    and Fundanoodle the I can Cut!

  34. I love the Tea Collection Moderni Banded Dress for girls

    Umi-I like the pink Morie shoes for girls

    I would like the K-1 Fundanoodle kit


  35. I like the Waves Batik dress, the Bodi shoe, and the I Can Do Math Level 1 book!

    cmcosman at yahoo dot com

  36. so excited about the tea collection gift card

  37. tea collection-boys bicycle stripe pajamas
    umi-girl's cassia shoe
    fundanoodle-pre k to k

  38. Tea collection: Caribou plaid hoodie for my son
    Umi: Braden shoes
    Fundanoodle:Max & Alphie's Adventures! Activity Book for 3 year olds

  39. fundanoodle- can write uppercase, umi-moraine, tea- cykel hoodie

  40. i like the Hockey Bot 5-Piece Set, the calie in pewter, and the Fundanoodle I Can Write Numbers!

  41. The Tea collection solid wrap one-pieces!

  42. The $60 Umi Card!


  43. The Tea chollection gc

  44. From the Tea Collection I like the Dinosaur Tee.
    From Umi I like the blue Rory shoes.
    From Fundanoodle I like the I Can Do Fun Activities Floor Pad.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  45. I love the Tea Collection Denim Look Pants,
    Umi Brogan brown multi shoes, and
    Fundanoodle I can do fun activities floor pad.

  46. I love the Spiral flora 5 piece set from Tea collection, the Morain shoes in lavender by Umi and the bead, lace, rip and trace multi activity set from fundanoodle!
    Lisa Hackney

  47. From Fundanoodle Fundanoodle Max & Alphie's Adventures! Activity Book

    from Umi Carrson

    from Tea collection TEA CANVAS TOTE

  48. The Fundanoodle Learning Package!

  49. From Fundanoodle : Fundanoodle I Can Write My Own Stories!

    from Umi : Kayley boot or stormie boot

    from Tea collection : MODERNI TOP

    - - Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran..... emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  50. Here is what i love
    HAPPY HOODIE from Tea Collection, Terran 357233-207 from Umi, and Fundanoodle I Can Bead, Lace, Rip, Trace! Multi-Activity Kit from Fundanoodle

  51. I love the tea collection. I could drink it everyday!

  52. I love the Mod colorblock dress from the tea collection


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