Monday, June 11, 2012

Milk Smart Mama Boutique Review and GC Giveaway

I am generally very comfortable nursing in public. With that said, I am always rather discreet and I find quiet spots for nursing my baby both for his comfort, mine, and of the people around us. He doesn't like to be distracted when nursing, neither does he like anything put over his head. Having a substantial amount of nursing shirts has proven to be indispensable for me. On our recent trip to Washington D.C. I nursed Baby T on demand wherever we went - public transportation, museums, park benches, the lawn a few hundred yards from the White House, and restaurants to name a few. It was so convenient! His favorite food, always at the right temperature, fresh, available any time, without anything extra to lug around. Our hands were full as is with two kids, a stroller, a huge camera bag, diaper bag, and baby carrier!

Most times nobody can tell I'm nursing, and with the Inez Tunic it is certainly possible. This versatile nursing top is just one of many available at Milk Smart Mama boutique. That, above, isn't me by the way! The model wears it pretty well, I think it looks a little better on her because she is taller. I'm below average height at 5'2", so the shirt sits below my hips and it is a great length to wear with leggings. It is so amazingly comfortable! In fact it is so comfy that I did wear it to bed a few times! It is absolutely perfect for nursing anywhere and it makes it so much easier to nurse in public when needed. Here I am in our kitchen while Baby T enjoys lunch, see, nothing to see but a happy baby (and comfy mama) nursing. The tunic is made of super soft bamboo, it washes well, and I recommend sizing down - the extra small fits me more like small or medium shirts normally do. My favorite thing about it - it doesn't show any spit up or drool! Love this print!

Milk Smart Mama also carries a variety of super cute nursing dresses, nursing bras, and nursing sleepwear that won't look drab. They carry a lot of the brands that we really love, like Cake Lingerie, MILK, and Annee Matthew. There is a variety of maternity clothing as well. So whoever wins this $25 gift certificate will have a hard time choosing something because the selection is great!

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Disclaimer: I did not receive payment for this review. I was provided a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are solely my own and your experience may differ. 


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