Friday, May 11, 2012

Elizabeth Mitchell Childrens Music Review {Sponsor Highlight}

Does this CD cover look familiar? If you have kids, it should! If you haven't heard the music of Elizabeth Mitchell yet, you're missing out! Thankfully our local library had the You Are My Little Bird album, the cover looked interesting so I borrowed it. We absolutely loved it at first listen! It is one of my toddler's favorite artists and guess what, mine too. It's that kind of children's music that an adult will not mind listening to. In our house we are pretty picky with music, we do not have any cartoon soundtracks or any mainstream pop music. We love classical, folk music, instrumental, and anything off-the-beaten-path. The unique music of Elizabeth Mitchell has really captured our hearts! It is perfect for travel, road trips, and the sunny days of summer.

We received the You Are My Little Bird album and Sunny Day in the mail. I'm listening to the latter for the first time as I type! It's bright, light, airy, inspiring, flowing, relaxing. It's also upbeat, perfect to turn up while cleaning the house, doing laundry, baking, dancing, or homeschooling! The voices of children are adorable. I have a feeling this will be played over and over at the request of Baby E. The sound is a mix of folk and country, but it is subtle and even if you're not into those genres, I encourage you to try it! You may be surprised to find that your kids and you will love it. 

My kids live and breathe music, and they're both under four. I think as parents we underestimate the immense power music has even at an early age, it can put our kids to sleep, wake them up, get their attention, teach them rhyme, beat, language, and so many things in between. As I've mentioned before, music education starts in the womb, they can hear it before they are born. It's a very underused and misused parenting tool. In my experience the kind of music children listen to shapes their character in profound ways. Elizabeth Mitchell music is the kind that will shape them in positive ways, for sure not all music does!

You Are My Little Bird and Sunny Day are available as MP3 downloads on Amazon or as CDs

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Also check out Smithsonian Folkways for more great music and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter!

Tell us what you think of Elizabeth Mitchell children's music? Have you heard it before?

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  1. I've never heard it before but it sounds fun!

  2. Its a fun easy sining CD, my 4 year old did not like it that much, maybe its the style of the music. To me it was quite interesting, i would say its different from what I'm use to =)

    1. It is different, not very 'traditional', I guess that's why I liked it :)


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