Thursday, May 3, 2012

ECOlunchbox Review {Sponsor Highlight}

Our next event sponsor is a must have for Eco friendly lunches (and breakfasts, dinners...). ECOlunchboxes creates practical, non-toxic, and fun containers and carry bags that are great for use both at home and elsewhere. The company was started by mom who was tired of using unhealthy, throw-away products to pack her kids' lunches. The result is an impressive line of all the necessities to pack a waste free, non-toxic lunch - even including ECOnapkins and ECOsporks! The prices are also very reasonable considering you'll never have to buy those disposables again, you are saving a ton in the long run - both in waste and money.

We were sent the ECOlunchbox Oval and ECOlunchtray for review and have put these to use already. Of course Baby E now wants to eat only out of her tray, which she absolutely loves! I have the peace of mind that it doesn't leach anything into her food. The tray costs only $14. Here she is enjoying her omelette with olives yesterday at breakfast. 

The tray is super easy to wash, I love that it has no hard to reach spots or crevices. It's a shiny stainless steel (not brushed) and you can look at it like at a mirror. She loves that! Of course you can see every fingerprint on it, but that's something I could care less about. We also received the stainless steel container pictured at the top, it is perfect for salads, sandwiches, and any dry snacks. It isn't leak proof, so you would use the separate little container that comes with it for sauces and dressings. Unfortunately the bread that comes out of my bread maker is too large to fit in there for my husband to take to work. But it is perfect for so many other lunch ideas and it is big enough for a generous portion or even a lunch for me and my toddler to share at a playground pic nic. I love that it is easy to open! If you have kids in school this would be great for packing their lunch and they wouldn't have to wrestle to get it open. The ECOlunchbox Oval set costs $22. Perhaps the only thing I would change is this sticker on the tray, it was super hard to wash off the residue from it - but not impossible! Otherwise it is perfection!

Come back May 14th to 27th during the Summer Splash Event and enter to win the same ECOlunchbox Oval and Tray as part of one of two $250 prize packages!

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Disclaimer: I did not receive payment for this review. I was provided a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are solely my own and your experience may differ. 


  1. I think this may be good for my hubby and work lol.

  2. I love stuff like this, very nice

  3. Wow, my son starts school this September....this would be perfect!

  4. Absolutely love this product, my 4 year old loves the tray. The little container is so neat for our 6month old store snacks and lunch box is perfect for my husband's work lunches or simple for other needs. The best of all is the quality.


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