Saturday, May 5, 2012

2012 in 2012: Week 18 {Cute photo}

What have we gotten rid of so far in 2012?

How's your spring cleaning going? Uhm, mine is on hold. It sure doesn't feel like spring outside, not very inspiring. The photo above was two weeks ago, that was spring. Now it feels more like rainy fall. May is an absolutely crazy month for me, I signed up for the Summer Splash Giveaway Hop before I accepted a new [ridiculously spectacular] online job - set myself up for some sleepless nights! So my decluttering has been reduced to some purging of toy bins, lots and lots of stuff that shouldn't even be there. A mom needs some sleep, you know.

You may have also noticed that we aren't just getting rid of stuff, we're getting more! Oy! I love receiving things for review, and no it isn't 'free stuff', I work my butt off with this blog and spend oodles of time on it. You don't want to know what goes into getting 'free' products. Every month I tell myself, "Less reviews girl, less reviews." Yeah, very hard to pass up an opportunity when it is something you really needed, wanted, or would have spent your own money on anyway. Well, at least it looks like Craigslist sales are paying off, we have made $680 since the beginning of the year selling things we do not need. 

Moving on:

81 broken toys/pieces (trash/recycled)
1 baby gear item (sold)

Total = 275 of 2012
as of May 5th

Selling Stuff YTD: made $680


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