Saturday, April 14, 2012

Naturally Fun Parties for Kids Book Review & Giveaway

I recently received a little surprise in the mail, the new Anni Daulter book titled Naturally Fun Parties for Kids: Creating Earth-Friendly Celebrations for All Seasons and Occasions. It was a gorgeous day, so I sat outside on my front step browsing the book while my toddler played and infant cooed in the stroller. My first thought - "That's a lot of crafty eye candy!" Seriously, if you're hooked on Pinterest you'll love this book. Here is a little peek, Baby T will show you around.

I am not a big party girl, never was. But the ideas in this book were very inspiring, a lot less in a screaming 'party!' kind of way, a lot more in a personal 'get together for the joy of it' way. Does that make sense? You will not see wasteful decorations and plastic galore here. No cartoon characters (love!). No glitter.  The book outlines 12 different party ideas, everything from a natural at-home spa party to a non-traditional Gratitude Birthday Party. Naturally Fun Parties for Kids does a lot of the work for you, all the planning is taken care of, you just have to do it. The food is all planned out, easy recipes with gorgeous photos. Any crafts and decorations are all right there. There are many ideas that you can mix, match, alter to your liking, and reinvent.

I'll be honest, if you are not into natural, crafty, and 'it's the process that brings joy' type person - this may not be the book for you. This is not a book for 'ready made' type parties. But if you are remotely crafty, love food, and you enjoy simplicity - you'll like it a lot. I am very 'less is more' when it comes to parties. Including the guest list. I do not like a house full of guests when you don't even have a moment to talk to anyone because you're busy throwing the party. What is the point? This book really caters to the small, intimate occasions where there are few guests and the focus is the time spent together - and the food of course! Food, something Anni knows well and is so good at. We regularly use her cookbooks - Organically Raised, Ice Pop Joy, and The Organic Family Cookbook!

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  1. I know a girl who is all about party, she gets into so much details and of course makes everything from scratch, her birthday parties look very intertaining and I'm sure kids are thrilled but i gotta admit its a lot of work.

  2. The best I've thrown is when my daughter turned three I made her an ice cream castle, I was so proud of myself!

  3. I went to a progressive party once where each room of the house had a different theme and the whole group moved from one room to another together throughout the event. It was fun!

  4. I haven't thrown too many parties but my favorite one so far is a foster baby shower I hosted with three of my friends. We planned every detail and made a HUGE lunch from scratch - soups, breads, salad, snacks, and lots of desserts (the foster mom loves chocolate!). We bought coordinating fabric and sewed all the tablecloths. We made centerpieces from vases with floating candles and color-themed beads. Every one had a good time but what really made us happy was that the foster mom said, "Wow! Everything is so beautiful!" And that's what we were going for. :-)


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