Thursday, April 19, 2012

IKEA Bekvam Step Stool {hack 2}

My toddler would rather play with anything but toys. Oh, yours too? Something about it! They just need pots, pans, plenty or cardboard boxes, my shoes and hats - anything but toys! So the other day Baby E asks me to make her a car. I look around at what I could possibly make one out of and I saw that IKEA step stool again, the same one that is a perfect compact toddler table. Combined with a Trader Joe's paper bag it made for a quick impromptu car that is still in my living room and it has been a week of play!

Nothing fancy, just a quick scribble with a sharpie, cut out some wheels, attach with masking tape, get some round thing for the steering wheel. The seat of the car is actually a small bamboo step stool that we bought when we started potty training, but she has been using it for play more since she is just too tiny to get on the toilet. You can just place an upside down bucket or a sturdy cardboard box with the same success. There is lots of legroom here, so instead of loading up the trunk, she has loaded all her treasures under the 'hood' of the car. 

Are your kids like that? Preferring random stuff to toys? Sometimes I think if I got rid of 90% of the toys in the house (which cause way too much stress and clutter), the kids would be better off - they really don't need them!

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  1. I like that idea, overtime we get something in a big box kids end it up using it as their playhouse. I agree everything else but toys end it up being most played with.


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