Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Numi Organic Tea Review

I used to be a coffee addict in college. I couldn't sit through class without a cup. One day it dawned on me how addicted I was, I hated that I couldn't function without it. If I was running late and had no time for coffee I would fall asleep in class every time. I knew it was time for an intervention! I just quit cold turkey during my senior year. Best move I've made!

As a mom it is nice not to depend on caffeine. I do however love a good cup of tea, I mostly drink chamomile, though I love peppermint as well - it isn't recommended for breastfeeding as it may lower milk supply. I got quite tired of my usual chamomile cup of tea. Numi to the rescue! Their variety of organic tea is amazing and I was so excited to try something new. I received the Rooibos Chai and Honeybush herbal teas, as well as their new decaf Earl Grey tea and decaf Green Tea. A perfect lineup for me since I am nursing and don't need any caffeine.

I tried the Honeybush first and really liked the subtle, mellow taste. It's great with something sweet or with toast for breakfast. Don't let the name mislead you, it isn't sweet at all. It's a comfy tea, that's how it makes me feel. The Rooibos Chai is very vibrant and spicy, but not in a hot mouth kind of way. I enjoy it on it's own! I love the combination of nutmeg, cinnamon, sweet allspice, ginger, cardamom, ad rooibos. It is a good mid-evening pick me up, though just as suitable for lunch or breakfast. I associate it with being in a warm home in front of a fireplace on a cold day. I was also so thankful for the decaf teas, I missed the taste of black and green tea! I just didn't bother buying it because I don't need more caffeine (I eat a piece of dark chocolate here and there) as a nursing mom and my husband reacts to caffeine with heart arrhythmia. Thanks, but no thanks. So these organic decaf teas came at a great time!

Numi teas are high quality in every aspect and it is very apparent. From the sourcing to Eco friendly packaging, it is all thought out. If you're wondering why bother buying tea organic, here is all you need to know:
"As with all intensively farmed crops, conventional tea is routinely treated with a broad range of agricultural chemicals that are potentially harmful to farmers, farm workers and the environment. As opposed to most produce that is washed prior to consumption, most teas are air-dried without first being washed. The first time tea comes into contact with water is in our own cups, right before we drink it. This means that any harmful chemicals used at the gardens are released in our cups along with the tea flavor."
The decaffeination process they use is also radically different, it doesn't leave any chemical residues in your tea and maintains the antioxidant health properties that other decaf teas loose in processing.
Numi teas are priced at $6.99 for a box of 16 to 18 tea bags. Loose leaf tea is anywhere from $8.75 to $29 for 4 oz bag, cheaper if you buy 16 oz bags. Hint, Amazon sells Numi in packs of three, a little cheaper! This is definitely a product where 'you get what you pay for' applies. I am convinced I see more Numi tea in my future, but maybe not for everyday because of the price - more like a treat a few times a week or when I need one, say when my toddler paints on the walls. Herbal teas always calm and balance me!

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  1. I love good cup of teat as well. I had to gave up coffee with my third child, my other two were not that sensitive. I never gave up grey,black and green tea while breasfeeding although i know teas contain more coffine than coffee sometimes but for some reason i did not notice difference.
    A cup of chamomile tea is a must for me in the evening, but i will always drink coffered tea in the morning, just because i like the taste of it.
    Thanks for those teas review, i saw them at local store but never got to try it because of the price.


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