Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Thirsties AIO Diaper Review and Giveaway

Thirsties is one of the first brands that always comes to mind when a mom asks me what cloth diaper brand I recommend. We have tried the Fab Fitteds, the Duo Diaper, and the Duo Wrap - loved each and every one of them. I was really excited when I found out Thirsties came out with an AIO diaper - a care provider and dad friendly version of what they are already so good at. We received a size 2 AIO in Black Bird that my 14 pounder is wearing in these photos. 

The size two is designed for babies 18 to 40 pounds, but since our three month old baby T just outgrew the size 1 Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted, we decided size 2 is best at the rate he is growing! There is a lot to love about the new AIO. First are the same fabulous Thirsties colors and prints that we love so much, isn't the Black Bird print absolutely adorable? I think so! I also love how easy it is to put on, this diaper is truly hassle free, no stuffing, no prep, no touching dirty inserts to throw in the wash. That's why I love Thirsties so much, they are all 'touch free' when it comes to throwing them in the wash, even in the pocket Duo Diaper the insert agitates out on its own.  

Performance wise the Duo AIO delivers, although I have to admit it doesn't quite hold up as long as a Fab Fitted with Duo Wrap or the Duo Diaper. I have a heavy wetter here, I end up putting doublers in every diaper for him - and that's not even overnight! For him this diaper only lasts two hours without a doubler, but with my daughter at this age I'm positive it would be more like 3 to 4 hours. What's the bonus that makes it worthwhile? The way it is designed, you can easily put a doubler in. It is made with an attached soaker with a tunnel design,  there is a pocket under it that you can put your hand through, that way it dries faster and I can put another absorbent insert in. Brilliant!

There is one thing we really miss (wink wink) with the new Duo AIO though, that would be the famous gussets that the Duo Wrap and Duo Diaper are so famous for. If there is any way to improve this fabulous AIO diaper, that would be the addition of similar gussets to prevent leaks. Although we haven't truly had leaks with this one, there has been some moisture wicking around the legs - even though as you can see in the photos it is snug. It contains blowouts very well for us even without the gussets! 

As is, I still highly recommend it. It's fabulous for a girl, and even if you have a heavy wetter boy like we do, you can customize your absorbency easily. I love that there are only two sizes and that both provide a super trim fit. Just think, this diaper that already fits my 3 month old will still fit him when he is 18 months! If you are looking for a diaper that's really easy to use and easy to clean, the Thirsties Duo AIO is for you.

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    1. Thanks for pointing that out! I forgot that as of March 1st GFC doesn't work on non-blogger blogs! I changed that to Networked Blogs, but if anyone entered with GFC before March 1st those entries will still count! Thanks Karen!

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  3. We love our Thirsties stuff. I also wish the AIO had the gussets but I'm guessing they left it off so they could make it affordable - especially for a made in the USA diaper


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