Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Chapter Organics Review

In a perfect world, we would get all the vitamins and nutrients we need in our food. Perhaps a couple of hundred years ago that was possible - growing your own food, cattle, living off the land and sea. No man made chemicals in sight. Reality check! Today of course, that isn't possible for the majority of the population. Pollution with man made chemicals has reached even those that live seemingly 'in the middle of nowhere' who can grown their own. Moreover, our soil has been depleted so much that even organic produce today isn't close to the nutrient density of produce a couple of hundred years ago. That's where whole food supplements like New Chapter, can fill in some gaps. 

You can't substitute nutritious food with vitamins, that's why they are called supplements. They cannot take the place of a healthy diet. But I love the options New Chapter offers for filling in what's missing. Not only do they offer multi-vitamins, they also have targeted vitamins that offer specific benefits like cardiovascular health, bone health, and immune system support. We received the Perfect Prenatal multi-vitamins (no, I'm not pregnant, just nursing!), Wholemega Fish Oil, and Zyflamend for review.

First let me say, I love New Chapter's approach to sustainability. It is unlikely you will find many other companies who are so conscious of the work they do and how it affects people around the world, people who source the ingredients for their products. From using organic ingredients, to fair pay and treatment of workers, New Chapter is an example to other companies.

The Perfect Prenatal is a great nutritional support option for pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is a once-per-meal formula that can even be taken on an empty stomach - because it is food, not a synthetic vitamin! It is refreshing to see a company that has a clue about soy. We avoid unfermented, non-organic soy because of a host of health problems it can cause. Fermented organic soy on the other hand has a host of health benefits and New Chapter incorporated it into the Perfect Prenatal. At first glance it may seem that these do not contain enough vitamins and minerals, but you have to keep in mind that it is a whole food vitamin, unlike synthetics it will actually be absorbed and used by your body. Of course your should eat healthy, nutrient dense foods throughout pregnancy and the Perfect Prenatal is just a great support system - not a replacement for healthy food. It is great for a boost of energy, and I'm not the only reviewer to note that!

The New Chapter Wholemega supplement is a great option for getting your omegas and antioxidants. Unlike 'purified' fish oil that is chemically processed at high heat, Wholemega is made with 100% wild-caught Alaskan salmon oil that is not chemically processed and retains original omegas. Surprisingly our three year old toddler loves these. No she doesn't swallow the large pill, but she likes to 'pop' it in her mouth and suck everything out. That's the only way I can get her to take fish oil! Granted she is big enough not to choke on it, I would not try it with a younger toddler. It's one soft gel for her and two for me!

I have never heard of Zyflamend before this review, I was curious about it. My husband does often have issues with his foot that he hurt while playing soccer several years ago. Every month or two it gets swollen if he has to be on his feet a lot at work. I'm really looking forward to trying this when we need it because according to other user reviews it really helps with their osteoarthritis, lupus symptoms, and muscle pain.

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